Two days my friends

Two days until the NHL returns :bravo:

Very excited to see how the Predators do this season, especially with the additions of Kariya and Markov.

Other than the Preds I also follow the Red Wings, Flyers and basically any other team besides the Flames, 'nucks or Leafs :smiley:

I read the title and thought you were going to boast about your new record - 2 days and 76 posts! Even jdsmith can’t beat that! :slight_smile:


Wanna bet? I send a lot of PMs lol :smiling_imp:

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31.33 posts per day!!! :astonished:

Welcome to Forumosa golfmade. Now breathe slowly into a paper bag. :laughing:

Seriously, what’s the record? I know Richardm once posted 27 posts in one day. golfmade now owns the record I would think. :bravo: