Two dogs

Was up in RT-mart 2 in Neihu and see they have 4 packs of Two Dogs lemon brew (from Australia) for just NT$98… for whatever reason that seemed really cheap so bought a pack…

[edit] past the sell by date :astonished: no wonder :stuck_out_tongue:

Just sat here supping on one, not high in alcohol content @ 4.2% but refreshing all the same.

you can buy two dogs in 7-11 now.

but i dont know why you would :slight_smile:

The canadian beer in costco is less than NT$21 a bottle and better than Taipi to boot.

Had a few pale ales, honey lagers, and regular lagers too many with the neighbor Saturday.

There is a beer called Rasputin’s Ale in Jason’s at 101. 9%

It’s da shit. :slight_smile: