Two Foreign Students Die in Shihlin Apartment Fire


Two foreign students are believed to have died in a 4th-floor roof-top apartment in Shihlin District this evening after a fire broke out around 7:00pm.

Comments on the ETNews Facebook page included criticisms of the practice of building illegal tenements on the rooftops of buildings. “Rooftop add-ons are an abomination.” one reader wrote. Another said, “This is illegal, as long as there’s no solution, the danger will always exist.”

Tenant's rights concerning rooftop being torn down?



Yep. Shilin Chengde Road.士林公寓火警-頂樓加蓋處2人死亡-125827045.html士林頂加公寓暗夜竄火-1男1女陳屍室內-002514515.html士林公寓火警-2人陳屍屋內身分待查-142600853.html

Rest in peace now. Condolences to their families.

There are many foreign students attending Mingchuan as it has several English taught courses/programs.


One heavy sigh and an “oh… shit… not good for anyone but the greedy” in response to this event, if it ends up in the international Press.

Have we identified the foreign students and their native country?


Fella that died is from Tuvalu, well-known and well-liked in Taipei’s rugby community, played for the expat team here. Very sad.


Oh oh… That news sends me to another guy from Tuvalu,and a person who played on the team. Thanks for the update.


the article said the government has been trying to tear down these illegal buildings… have they fuck. i still see new ones going up. really hate this part of taiwan.


So sad.