Two foreigners from two countries wanting to marry in Taiwan


I am an American citizen who just got my ARC to work in Changhua City until Nov. 30th. My fiance lives in Canada, and is coming to visit me in March. We were talking about getting married when he comes through. How do we do this in Taiwan? Who do I talk to, what are the requirements, etc.? We don’t want a ceremony or anything, just a “civil” marriage. Can anyone help us?


The easiest way to get married in Taiwan is to buy marriage certificates at any stationary store. You then need a public place - we used a restaurant- 3 witnesses and thats it. Chop, chop, chop and you’re married.
The certicates come in pairs - one for each spouse (dated in case another spouse turns up later!).
I didn’t believe this would be legal - but so far it has been recognised in Taiwan and Ireland.


To have an official marriage, you should participate in a civil ceremony at the local District Court.

According to what I hear, you will need a valid passport, visa, and a “single certificate” in order to meet the registration requirements for this ceremony.