Two kittens need a good home

Macaroni and Spicy are sisters. Until recently, they had never been close to people. They are quite apprehensive, but they are getting better everyday. With good care they will be rehabilitated easily due to being only 3 months old.

At the moment they are emaciated, and their fur shows that they haven’t had enough food until now. At that age, they’ll look like nothing ever happened in about two weeks.

They need someone patient, and experienced with cats who will give them some space at first. It will take a bit of time, but these cats will without a doubt warm up to the hand that feeds them. They already are after only a few days, and it’s quite a rewarding experience, BTW. :slight_smile:

For the first few days, you may be greeted with a smile such as this. Unless you have food… :wink:

Contact me if you want a companion, and if you are up for the rewarding challenge of caring for a feral kitten. :slight_smile:

Quick update. Macaroni and Spicy are no longer feral. They both finally warmed up to people, and they are adorable! Both of them love to be petted, and they purr a lot. :slight_smile:

Both kittens are still waiting for a new home.

Contact me anytime for details.