Two new graded readers available (PRC)

From the Chinese Language Teachers’ Association (USA):

Graded Chinese Reader 1 and Graded Chinese Reader 2 by Shi Ji

Selected, Abridged Chinese Contemporary Short Stories
& gt; First Edition 2007, published by Sinolingua, Beijing.

The abridged versions of short stories and novella written by
contemporary Chinese writers reflect everyday life of ordinary
Chinese people. The books contain around 2000 ( Chinese Graded
Reader 1) and 3000 Chinese words (Chinese Graded Reader 2) based on
the 1033 words of Level A and 2018 words of Level B listed in the
HSK (The Chinese Proficiency Test) outline. The high frequent words
are selected and used in the two books. Pinyin is added to the
texts and English notes or sample sentences for difficult words and
sentences are provided. Guide to reading and About the author in
English and Questions in Chinese are also provided with each story.
CDs(mp3) are attached to each book.

Contact information of buying the books:
Sinolingua, 24 Baiwanzhuang Road, Beijing 100037, China
TEL: (86) 10-68320585
FAX: (86) 68326333

FWIW… I haven’t seen 'em, but there are some nice reading materials for intermediate/advancd levels coming out of the Mainland lately. Still haven’t seen anything that sets me on fire for beginners, though. :smiley: