Two puppies looking for a home

Hey everyone,

We have two great puppies that are needing a home, Gizmo and Pepper. We really want to find them a home and not take them to the shelter. So please, if there is anyone out there that would like to adopt a puppy or would even want to foster them while we still look for a permanent home. Let us know.

You can contact me at / 0960695464 / by post



**They don’t need to go together. We live in KHH so we will help with getting them to their new home.

My name is Pepper and I have a brother named Chilly he found a new home already I still miss him, in January I was walking down the street with my brother and out of no where this big thing came for me. My foster mommy says that it may have been a car. All I know is that is was very big and strong because when it hit me, it broke my poor little 3 month old leg. It was very painful I was crying and nobody came, my brother did not know what to do, people were looking at me but they did not help me, I was so scared. But then an odd looking man, which was not like all the others that I had seen, took me and my brother to his house. Wow now he was strong. He looked at me with very sad eyes and put me in the funny looking box and took me to see a vet. The vet could not help me so I had to go to another vet, but through all that I was good because the odd looking man was so very kind to me. So, after the exam I had surgery. It cost my foster daddy a lot of money.

Well that was six months ago. And now I am searching for my real mommy and daddy, the ones that will take me to the park to run and teach me new things, a mommy and daddy that can love me. I am good with children and I like to play.

So to my real mommy and daddy or even brother and sister, please adopt me because I know that we can be happy together.

Here are my before photo’s

Here are my after photo’s

I love water

Bath time is the best time

I like to smile

One night I decide to go on a walk, I think it was more like a lost walk, and while I was walking I saw this black thing that looked weird and was very hairy. So I decide to go look at this odd looking thing, because I am very brave. And it turned out to be a dog, just like me. I was so happy I had a friend. There was also another ‘odd looking thing’ by my new friend.

Anyway that same night my new friend (her name is Pepper) went home, I wanted to go into her home as well but I was not allowed to, I was very sad. So I waited and waited until that big round shiny thing came out (I think it is called the sun) and there she was, Pepper. I got to see my new friend again, but not for long… Because when Pepper went home I was not allow in.

I did not like the day time… bad things happened. I was thrown at and people chased me away. I REALLY did not like it. This happened for three days.

Until the third day when I was playing with Pepper that other odd looking thing let me in. Can you believe it; I too had a home just like Pepper.

I call that odd looking thing my mommy she helped me get better and gives me food, I like food.

But mommy says that I can’t stay here forever just like Pepper. Because all they wanted to do was help me and Pepper get better and find a loving home.

So, will you be my new mommy or daddy???

This is me, Gizmo. I love being hugged

Mommy gives me milk bone, they are YUMMY!!

I have BIG ears just like Gizmo.