Two Questions About Yahoo Mail

It started about a week ago. I think the Yahoo server is having serious problems. I have to wait up to 30 seconds to open anything, inbox, emails, even to sign out it takes a loooong time, I’m annoyed. Anyone else having this problem?

I’m also annoyed with spam and I wonder if there is anything I can do about that. About a year ago, I stupidly opened an email that said “Free-lotto Winner” or something like that. Ever since then,(at least a year now)I receive anywhere from 5 to 10 spam emails from these bastards daily. The messages are usually in my bulk folder but just recently, they even get into my inbox. Many messages everyday.

My yahoo email address is the first address I’ve ever had and it’s the one I use for my friends and 90% of my contacts. I don’t want to change it but I’m getting really annoyed with the spam. My other yahoo account is no problem when it comes to spam but I haven’t opened any suspicious messages. It’s also slow though.

In brief, is changing my email address the only way to get rid of the Free-Lotto spammers and why is Yahoo mail so slow?

Thanks in advance,


I think I heard that yahoo is in the process of switching their interface to a more application like look and feel. I guess it will be similar to gmail. Might be a result of this switching, that some servers are slow. At the moment my yahoo email account seems to be working fine.

About the SPAM, I only use my yahoo account as a junk email account. Whenever I need to give out an email address to a suspicious webpage (i.e. to register, I use that one. So I get daily probably 30 SPAMS. I go in once in a while to delete them. I don’t think you will be able to get off the SPAM list that easy. Maybe just never open any SPAM, and try not to distribute your email address too any unknown parties. Other than that, praying might help. :notworthy: :notworthy:

Oh, I forgot, if possible, try to turn of the HTML display of emails by default. Often, SPAM mails includes a link to a webpage, once you open the email, and HTML display is activated, the link makes your webbrowser to access the spammers webside, and they know that this particular email account is being checked. So you go up in their ratings.

The spam filiter on Yahoo seems to do a great job. You have to turn it on. It

Yahoo still works fine for me.
Same speed as before, and no spam.

I read the news through Yahoo! often and for the past couple of weeks it takes a long time for the page to load.