Two room available to rent in a three-bedroom storey-house (bills excluded, deposit of two months)


The house is located in the most greenish area of Shilin, at 7/10 minutes walking distance from Chiang Kei Shek Shilin Residence. Buses run at every hour on Zhongzheng Road, 5 minutes walking distance from the house. In the same street PX Supermarket can be found, which is extremely convenient to reach for tenants. MRT can be reached within 6 minutes, both through Zhongzshanbei Road and Zhongzheng Road or via a shortcut starting from Qian Street. Direct buses to the National Palace Museum and Yamingshan can be taken in Zhongzheng Road. MRT brown line’s Jiannan station can be reached by bus at Fulin Elementary School stop with a journey of around 10/15 minutes depending on traffic conditions.

Shared areas

The first floor of the house contains all the shared living areas: a living room, a dining room, a well-equipped kitchen, as well as front and rear small yards: whilst the front one can be used as a bicycles’ parking slot, the backyard is provided of a washing machine and a space both for laundry and recycling. The garbage collecting spot can be quickly reached from the yard’s access and the garbage truck usually arrives by 6.40 pm each day except from Wednesday. The kitchen has on its right-hand side the bathroom for the tenant on the third floor. The house has also two storage rooms, on the first and second floor, equipped with vacuum cleaner, broom, a clothes rack and a dehumidifier, which can all be used and shared by/among tenants.

Room 1 (13,000 NTD)

The first room advertised is on the second floor and shares the corridor with Room2. It is an ensuite bathroom room, with its own shower separated from the toilet and the sink without a window. The room is designed according to Japanese style therefore the armchair-area and bathroom can be separated from bed and wardrobe by a door frame. Bedding area is on a raised floor and is furnished with a large wall-wardrobe on the right and plenty of shelves on the left. The room has a nice view on the baseball playground and the trees of the backyard’s street.

Room 2 (12,000 NTD)

Room2 has a private bathroom that is located outside on the corridor. On the room’s left a storage room can be found and used as luggage storage. A dehumidifier and a cloth rank are provided. The bathroom has its own shower, sink and toilet without a window, so it is recommended to open the door from time to time and use the air ventilation.
Room’s landmarks are a very bright balcony, where plants can be reared and which gives view of the neighbourhood, usually families and elderly couples, a king-size bed and a large desk with a comfy chair. The walls are decorated and give a certain atmosphere. The wardrobe is a fabric one and it is accompanied by two small bookshelves and a small bedside table with one lamp.

Tenant’s requirements

Landlord welcomes tenants that can stay in Taiwan for at least one year, preferably if they have obtained a job contract in the island. Proofs of identification (passport, visa and, when it is the case, official letter of job acceptance) are required by the landlord during booking for her own reassurance.

Means of contact

If interested, please call Miss Tai (researcher, English and French friendly) at the following number: +8860986692092
In the case you are living abroad, you can send the landlord an email (no spam, please):

Do not text the author of this article as she is the landlord’s spokesperson (not an agent, previous tenant, then no fees)