Two women get kicked out of Uber after kiss

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Those are some hot lesbians (if they’re real lesbians).

Hey @Andrew0409, what’s that you were saying about taxi drivers having old-fashioned attitudes? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

It’s not an absolute rule. I would be happy to move this to one of the Uber threads. :slight_smile:

(Edit: didn’t notice it’s not Taiwan-related. Whatever, it still gives me Schadenfreude. :smiling_imp:)

Interesting, as most of my Uber experiences* have involved immigrant drivers from more, shall we say, backwoodsie conservative cultures and locales. I can see how overt sexual behavior would irk some of them.

So these tipsy chicks make a stink that “Habib” doesn’t dig a same sex couple toungue wrestling in his back seat where his kids are supposed to fight over their ipads, and the guy loses a source of income he probably really needed, and gets branded being a homophobe…all for 15 bucks. And Uber, whose roolz state :“you shouldn’t touch or flirt with other people in the car,” and that there’s “no sexual conduct with drivers or fellow riders, no matter what,” promptly bends the driver over a sofa, bangs away and then throws him under a bus.

Welcome to America, the Tolerant, I mean, of US, not you.

  • I have legit received the “Awesome Rider” award coast to coast, yo.

“Reach out” drives me mad. What’s wrong with contact?

“The middle seat was open. We were just having a conversation throughout the ride and, at one point, we leaned over into the middle and peck-kissed,” Iovine told CNN. “That’s genuinely all it was.”

Yeah sure… :stuck_out_tongue: I don’t know them but I can imagine that they were one those couples who misinterpret everything and just hungry for some “discrimination fights”

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“Reached out” is how Americans now say, “I asked for help or admitted wrong doing even though I really didn’t want to.” I use it all the time when talking to my administrators.

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You mean "lottery tickets. Lots of people try to cash them in all the time now. Easier than getting a free “reparations cup of coffee” at Starbucks.

Case in point:

Shim had spoken out publicly following the incident, claiming she and her son, Nace, were chased down Route 7 by a vehicle loaded with people and driven off the road. She claimed the people then leapt from the car and began slamming her vehicle with baseball bats and a frying pan screaming racist insults. The Shims are black.
“Ms. Shim made a written statement to us that she signed, indicating that she was in the car with her son, and we determined that to not be true,” said Maj. Robert Patnaude, Troop G commander. “This is not considered a hate crime. The statements that Ms. Shim made weren’t true because she wasn’t there.”

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They sound pretty sober to me. Not getting the feeling it was about any more than the kiss. If so tough cookies for him, different cultures different customs.

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It also implies a degree of complicity on behalf of the person being reached out to (the reachee?). “I tried to reach out to you, but you didn’t take my hand” kind of thing. It’s sneaky language. I’ll remember that every time I read/hear it.

Indeed. Any normal bloke with a couple of carpet munchers in the back seat is going to be adjusting his rear-view mirror.

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Oh yeah, I’m almost always in the wrong or totally lost when I use it. :wink:

Also, it’s the preferred passive aggressive way of getting someone to do his or her damn job.

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From an ELL position though (which he may or may not be), when he said kissing was"Illegal" he could have meant “Harum” or less ridiculously, “in violation of Uber rules.” The women got all bent out of shape by that.

Use it while it lasts, because I’m pretty sure that it will become corporate bullshit very soon. People will see through it.

Sure because correcting, not rewarding stupidity is what Americans do these days.

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ELL? I guess he meant Uber rules. Not surprising they’d get bent out of shape though, they were getting kicked out of their ride after all. If it was just for a single kiss, I think the guy needs some cultural adaptation training or something. From the women’s demeanor in the video I’m more inclined to believe them.

It could have been a case of ‘let’s wind-up the (possibly Islamic) looking guy’, but I agree it’s unlikely. It’s a case of intolerance hitting intolerance. I’m backing the intolerant lesbians who refused to be tolerant of the intolerant taxi driver.

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Intolerant how? By not meekly accepting being kicked out of a cab? Or in some other sense?