Two Wulings in Mountains 武陵 and 武嶺


武陵, so there’s this Wuling that I think most people are talking about when they talk about Wuling in the mountains. It’s a couple hours from Yilan.

武嶺, then there is Wuling near Hehuanshan and Chingjing.

Both are in the central mountain range and you’ll pass both of them if driving between Taipei and Chingjing.

Did you know this? Which Wuling are most people talking about when they say Wuling?


I think most people would say Wuling Farm for the one on Highway 7a you take from Yilan. The farm is actually part of Taichung City. There is not much else than the farm to talk about, and perhaps the trailhead for hiking Mt. Snow.

The other Wuling is also referred to as Wuling Pass, cause it’s the highest point of any highway in Taiwan. This one is actually in Nantou County on Highway 14a. So if someone says Wuling, I think it’s more likely that Wuling Pass is meant.

Btw. if driving between Taipei and Qingjing, it’s more likely that people will take freeways 3 and 6 to get to Puli and then take Highway 14. You won’t pass the two Wuling’s this way.


Driven directly between the two Wulings many times and never realize that the one by Hehuanshan is a Wuling.