Type of plane ticket needed when changing ARC to 60 day visa

I’ve been browsing Forumosa and I’ve spoken to a couple of different people at different ROC consulates.

What I’m getting is conflicting information.

  1. Is it necessary to have some kind of outbound plane ticket if you’re changing from an ARC to a 60 day visitor visa? I’ve been working for the past two years, but am leaving that job, hae already been at Shi Da for a while and plan to just study. So, coinciding with my trip back to the US, I will visit the ROC Consulate in my area and apply for a new 60 day visitor visa.

  2. If I need a plane ticket, must the plane ticket be back to my country of origin, or could it be to somewhere else? In other words, if I MUST have some kind of outbound ticket, could it be to Macau for example? Also, can that ticket be round trip back to Taiwan or does it need to be one-way?

  3. Is the objective just to show that you won’t overstay your 60 day visa, so you must buy the ticket for sometime within the 60 day period? (Obviously, this makes no sense since a semester at Shi Da is 3 months.)

I’m extremely confused. any help would be greatly appreciated!

1)I’ve recently done much the same thing except I didn’t go back to my home country. I think the ROC consulate in your area will tell you that you need an outbound ticket.

2)No, the ticket doesn’t need to be back to your country of origin. It can be to somewhere else. Yes, it can be a one way ticket.
You can extend the sixty day visitor visa by a visit to the police station with receipts from the university you’ve been studying at.

3)Yes, the objective of an outwards flight ticket is to show that you won’t overstay (and will leave Taiwan) so make sure the flight you book can be cancelled and/or you can alter the flight dates.

You’ll probably still get more conflicting information on this thread. So it would probably be best to call the consulate where you are applying for your visitor’s visa and ask them. Good luck.

Matchstick is right.

  1. Yes, you need an outbound ticket.
  2. The ticket can be to any destination.
  3. You should have your flight booked to leave before your 60-day visa expires. Therefore, it’s important you get a ticket which allows you to change the date.