Type size

What do you think of the font on the forums now?

  • It’s fine
  • Too small
  • I’m indifferent
  • What’s a font?

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Has the type size been intentionally changed?

Maybe I am getting old but I am having a hard time reading the site now. Hurts my eyes as the size is too small. The old type size was better, imho. But thank you for fixing the problem many of us were having with the blue text box backgrounds.

Yes, I made the font smaller.

I use some fancy formatting in the Job Listings forums, so with a smaller font, things fit a bit more neatly in the browser.

I’ll look into changing the font sizes to “relative” values – like 80% – so that your browser can still affect the size if you want to make things bigger (more readable)

[btw, I added the poll to this thread :slight_smile:]

re: css location

There are three places to place your css styling: globally, page level and line level. The order of implementation starts at the line level. Perhaps your problem came about as a result of having css markup placed within these 3 different levels. I have always find that this tends to lead to a greater chance of errors or missteps. Generally, I always try to place any css as a linked to global file.

As an example if you look at the source code for this page (the post a reply page) you will find old font tags contolling font size in places – your global css file is having no effect (and as a result I find it more readable :slight_smile: ).

Well I can type on Segue again using my IE, however my Netscape Navigator is PURRRRDY so I may just keep using it.

i didnt like the small font at first but it grew on me and now I prefer it. It would be handy to be able to conveniently change viewing preferences though.

a bit too small imo…hard to read with tired eyes, is it possible to make the job forum font the size u want and allow for us to use the old font size for the rest of the forums?


I’ve added a style called “Bigger”

Bigger uses 14 pt font size instead of 11pt

To activate Bigger, click on the Profile at the top of the Index page after you’ve logged in and select the “Style”

Pls post here if you have any problems with this