Typewriters Collector and Repairman

Hi I wonder if any Forumosan use/collect/repair or is interested in typewriter?

I happen to be one. I collect a fair range, about 20 machines and I managed to repair them myself. Typewriter was a dying thing but now it gets revived and a bit trendy overseas.

I also provide free checkover/quick fix in Taipei as long as the customer’s machine isn’t the same one or variant in my collection. I’ve got too many so this is how I get the chance to lay my hands to more different typers.

I hereby show some of my babies. Looking forward to hearing from any fellow collector here.


I almost got into that hobby a few years ago.

The most useful class I took in high school was typing. Learned something useful and met a lot of girls I did not normally meet other places.

Very cool.

Hi I’m planing to display all my machines 1 by 1 at Words Studio in 民生社區, a few blocks across the Taipei Songshan Airport. Full address as here.

The plan is to showcase 2 of my machines within two weeks but I’ll keep swapping one machine each week. It is still at very begging stage and may change course any time. Currently I have my folding Corona #3 there.

It is a great honor that the owner of Words Studio, who is also a keen collector in many areas, put full trust on me and I got the chance to fix some of his machines. His studio is gift card focused but he also showcases heaps of dip pens, stationaries, antique pencil sharpeners and of course, typewriters. He shows tremendous support in promoting typewriters and he has already held a few experiences courses before.

It is my theory that typewriters shouldn’t be locked in a museum glass cabinet. Like vintage cars, these machine get worse just sitting there showing former glory. As my collection grows but I only got two hands, I’m more than happy any beginners/enthusiast to type anything on my machines. All my machines displayed there are welcome to use, but please respect the owner’s collection and ask if you wanna try his machines, every collector has it’s own rules.

Recent repairs.

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A feast of Underwood 310/315(essentially OLIVETTI DORA)