Typhoon! 2003

One of the first typhoons of the season has now formed in the western Pacific and is heading in this general direction. It probably won’t affect Taiwan (it’s still basically half an ocean away) but you can track it’s movements, and future storms, at these excellent sites. The first one being the Taiwan government weather site, click on ‘satellite’)



Now named ‘Kujira’. Getting very nasty and still heading in this general direction.

I’ve been checking the satellite pictures with fascination. Typhoons do look impressive, I think (I’m not sure I’d still think so after having been in a real one :? )

However, I just don’t know enough about typhoons to really be able to understand the information given on the Weather Bureau website. Is this typhoon likely to affect us in any way? If so, when would that be? Or does it look like it may completely bypass us?



Perhaps some extra rain on the southernpart, but Luzon will take the most. If it had kept its original course (15~16 march), the water shortages would have been over

Just great :frowning: , according to the tracking map (11:00 am, Friday 18 April), the typhoon hits the Northern Philippines on the day I fly back to Taipei from Manila.

For the past 3 days, I’ve been told that a “Super Typhoon” is supposed to clobber the RP on Friday and Saturday (today and tomorrow). Yet, it’s clear as day now in Makati and hot and breezy, too :!:

Iris, on the CWB website click on ‘Typhoon’ to see the forecasted positions and wind speeds then click on the ‘Typhoon track’ link on that page to see their predicted track and timeframe. This site is the Taiwan government site.

On the Joint Typhoon Warning Centre site click on the Graph GIF of any storm to see their predicted course. This site is run by the US Navy.

Both sites are very reliable in the mad art of weather prediction. Enjoy!

It’s breezy…too breezy… :laughing:

Good luck on that flight bud…SQ6 happened during a typhoon…I feel relatively safe on land during typhoons…you just have to watch out for those little flying bits of Taiwan…but in a plane…you are one of those little bits… :shock:

Gus, this 'phoon should (i say, ‘should’) turn North and miss the Philippines. Which would mean great weather for you. Havagoodtrip!

Thanks, Mark :slight_smile: I’d never thought of clicking on the “track” link on the CWB website :blush:

So, if I read it right, speed and wind are lessening, yes?


Yes, it weakened all day yesterday but looking at the latest satallite pics today it does seem to be rallying a bit. Maybe it will hit the Philippines after all or maybe it will turn north towards Taiwan. Who knows? I just enjoy watching them do their thing!

Check out some of these amazing satellite photos.

It’s just started raining here (Manila), like, now :frowning:

Today was another beautiful and hot day, btw

The weather bureau has issued sea warnings and the typhoon this morning is some 580 km southeast from Taiwan’s southern tip. It’s heading straight for Kenting though.
Could be one of those were people in the south receive the full-blast treatment while folks in Taipei only get two days of mild rain.
Then again, typhoons are notorious for not following Central Weather Bureau prescriptions.

Where I am it’s rain, cloud and wind soup already! And I’m in the north.
The CWB site doesn’t give much info on this one. Is it moving faster than predicted?

This has always been my favorite:

So, the wind we’re getting here in Taipei now, is that because of the the typhoon already (just asking because my cat seems a bit worried, and I’m not sure what to tell her :? )?

I’ve got a colleague coming over from Shanghai today. He’ll leave Thursday. He shouldn’t encounter major problems up here in the north, should he?


Iris, yes, these are the outer bands of the 'phoon giving us the light winds and drizzle. If Kujira (Japanese for whale) keeps coming in this direction the winds and rain will slowly increase. The strength of the storm should gradually decrease as it moves over cooler waters but, obviously, the closer it gets the more we’ll feel it.

Generally, the airports manage to stay open until a 'phoon is right on top of the island so your colleague should be okay.

You’re right, Mark, authorities do keep the airport open during typhoons, even digging up a runway now and then, covering it with construction equipment, keeping the “closed” runway open, failing to block it off, lighting up a path of lights down it, and directing pilots to take off in the blinding rain of the typhoon. So, if one is flying in or out of Taiwan in bad conditions, I would hardly count on the authorities to look out for ones safety.

Another good shot here. Looks like it’s headed straight for us.

You foreigners just don’t understand our culture. It was Singapore’s fault! :laughing: :laughing: :laughing: