Typhoon Photo Thread

Very nice, MJB! Gorgeous pics!

I got one or two of floodwater going over the weir at Bitan. If they’re any good I’ll flickr them.

BIIIG water, though – would be fantastic, but a bit hairy with the floating logs and stuff, to shoot it in a kayak.

Not those kinds of “logs,” either – I’m talking about yer actual trees.

And man, that Rambocam guy! The one of the roadsigns in Hualien is outstanding! Really captures the essence of typhoon weather, I think. :bravo:
So he’s uploading those pics via satphone? That is COOL!

Great satellite pic here:

rapidfire.sci.gsfc.nasa.gov/gall … 0.500m.jpg

You can see more of their stuff here:


This must be a happy scrap-collector, because he found a watertower.

On my walk to the gym this morning there was some tree damage, not too much else. A lot of limbs and branches down.

There are leaves down all over my lawn.

Other than that, and the leaves being wet…uhm…nothing.

[quote=“stralle”]This must be a happy scrap-collector, because he found a watertower.

:laughing: I like that one.

Here’s a couple from Bitan. Not too good – I forgot that half the thing is the noise of the water.

With the day off, I decided to play some basketball yesterday.

Your water looks so calm there Mr Al

Anyone care for some white water rafting?

Or maybe a free car wash?

Some of the locals were actually out catching fish in this… and catching arm length long fish :noway: :noway: