So is this going to be another a wuss of a typhoon or are we actually going to get a day off for once?

Looks like it’s heading straight for Taipei. I just got half a dozen then :bulb:

Someone somewhere in the government is trying to strut his “preparedness” stuff is all. This isn’t even a super typhoon, yet the media is all over this puppy. It could be that it is a slow-moving, telegraphed punch, but so many are.
I think that it will be a bit of a blow, a slosh of precip and that’s about it.
What happened to the good old days where typhoons used to uproot huge trees, blow out windows on highrises and cancel everything?

Reckon this one’s gonna wait until Saturday before it hits properly, no fucking day off and a wet and windy fucking weekend! :imp:

It looks kind of big and menacing to me: Satellite picture

Hey balls: There are two completely superfluous words in your post.

I think, Juba, that if you look at most past typhoons, you will find that they all have pretty impressive diameters.
I have a very cool and detailed satellite photo I can send you but it is from the wires and a HUGE file, but it shows how a typhoon can dwarf the island.
You never know about these things, though. Could be fun.

Oh sure!!
You guys up in Taipei will get another cool typhoon, and in PuTze we’ll get a gentle wind, just enough to stir up the dust. I suppose we should be considered lucky, but we never get any of the “fun” natural disasters here (the ones that don’t hurt many people but get the adrenaline going). I suppose we should be grateful, but what does a person have to do to get a decent typhoon day around here?!

Move to Ilan, I guess…

I suppose it’s better than being dead! :shock:

Anyone got an update on the Typhoon in the Taipei are? All seems quiet at the moment, is this the calm before the storm, or has it passed by? What’s the chance of a day off tomorrow, or will it be as ‘Balls’ predicted? :?

Our esteemed Mayor was to make an announcement at 10pm on whether the city has to work tomorrow - anyone catch it? What about those of us in the county?

I see Hsin Chu has to work a half day at least -

Just heard it from my wife who heard it from the radio. Taipei has the day off tomorrow. Glad I picked up that bottle of wine and all that food now. :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Oooooh baby, and doesn’t this Heineken taste good now :smiley:

To any of those who are wondering about Taipei County…it’s been announced…NO SCHOOL/WORK in Taipei Xian as well!

I’m bored with earthquakes and typhoons. I want to see something new … like a volcano. Now THAT would be worth talking about.

PLease tell me this is not someone taking the piss!! C’mon ICRT 11 o’clock news, I need a day off!!

It’s definite!!!ICRT just announced Taipei city and county are off tomorrow!!! I’m off out for some Heineken, have to stock up on essentials under these circumstances!!!

The winds are really picking up this morning. My wife bought one of those industrial strength floor fans for the master bedroom, and with that turned on you really get your papers scattered everywhere.

With the typhoon getting closer minute by minute, and the increasingly strong gusts of wind expected, I am thinking of tying my wife down to the bed so she won’t be . . . . . or will be . . . . . . or whatever.

MUHAHAHA…tie your wife? You don’t usually do that on a sunny day?

What can you do with the day off? Hmm…what can I do? This is my first typhoon here. I saw it on TV that people have been gone to grocery store to stock up on staples. Is this the same thing we do in the States when the weatherman predicted there was a big snow storm blowing, but no drip was even seen at the end? :unamused:

Any fun thing you do during typhoon? Like shooting BB gun at cars & motorists? What? :shock:

Stay cool,

Ah, so that’s what Taiwanese do on Typhoon days. They take care of their overdue paperwork.

Well I’d have been off to Daxi if I hadn’t come off my bike last night and fucked up my ankle. :cry:

On a more serious note, If the government has issued a no work/no school announcement for your county or city, and a private company you work for says you’ve still got to go to work, does an employee have the right to refuse?