Typhoons 2017


radar 24 doesn’t show any planes flying Taiwan’s East Coast presently


So far in Kaoshiung (Lingya), its ok. Light rain or no rain,I was able to walk about 1km home at 4pm, with just a few drops so it’s surprising to hear the heavy rain in Pingtung.


Tropical storm Haiting is now confirmed

Different forecast from China Times


Rain and wind in Danshui, but nothing too serious, yet anyway.

My flight remains delayed from midnight tonight until 4am Sunday morning. According to Weather Underground, at that time the eye of the storm looks like it’ll be slightly south of Taoyuan - um, OK. It looks like nothing’s flying out of Taoyuan between roughly 10pm and 4am.

I’m not particularly worried about the flight. I am nervous about the 1am taxi drive to the airport.


Peak wind has intensified slightly to 180kph

Eye-wall brushing coast of Ilan now

Eye looks set to make landfall near Ilan city

Keelung and Taipei are in for a bumpy night

Pingdong still getting pounded by rain and up to 550 mil since it started


Mmm Haiting may be the one that causes me grief if I’m landing around 8pm tomorrow? Travelling in the direction I’m flying from as well…


Yeah, they quit delivering when it gets typhoon-y out


It’s “a bit” windy here! Still have power, though


Yilan County now top of the pops for rainfall with 66 mil per hour - and that’s set to jump

Remains to be seen what path the eye takes across land - it’s rarely as predicted


Just heard the first really, snarly, window shaking gust. Only the beginning?


Depends where you are! The eye is just off Dong-ao in Yilan county and edging north west

But anywhere around Yilan, Keelung, coastal Taipei generally can expect some big gusts in the next few hours

And looks like it’s packing disastrous levels of rain which are going to make themselves apparent from now on



Power is gone!

Wind is stronger than expected, yay!


so we are going to be sandwiched? There’s another one coming by the West…


Last forecast I checked showed some sandwich effect, but the thing to the south west shouldn’t be very strong. With no power I can’t use my desktop, so all my 1337 sources are unavailable.


(kinda surprised about the loss of power, it doesn’t usually happen for typhoons like this one, maybe some old cable/pole gave up)


#1. !!1


When the power goes out that’s another red flag! At night it’s even more of a concern

The dangerous thing here is that those most in the firing line have had very little warning

If you live in town in a concrete apartment block off the first floor then you’ll be ok, but for those in mountainous areas in Yilan, Keelung, Wulai, Taiyuan etc… they’ve had very little time to prepare or evacuate

Now it’s dark and almost too late to do anything


I went out for some shoppings. The wind was gale force and the rain really strong but nothing to cry about.


Are you on the coast?


We have contact!

The eye has made landfall just south of Ilan city

That puts Ilan city right in the immediate firing line


It seems to be moving quite quickly, hopefully will pass through without a lot of damage.