Typhoons 2017


Will be interesting to see what path the eye takes now it’s hit land


According to how much our windows are bending inwards, I can safely confirm the eye 8s south of yilan city. I’m just north of it.


That’s ‘Position A’ for the strongest impact!

Rainfall levels for Ilan are high, but not off the charts - yet


Steady, medium level rains and wind in Taipei City at the moment. So far looks like an average rainstorm with slightly higher winds.


Indeed … really not sure what to expect for tonight. I’m currently scheduled to fly out at 4am (delayed from midnight), with a taxi picking me up at 1am, but I don’t know how likely the flight is to change again, or how soon I may find out. Some of the midnight flights have already been rescheduled to around 11am tomorrow, and I hope the same happens for mine.

The lights have briefly dimmed a couple of times in Danshui, although the power hasn’t cut entirely. It’s not a huge deal - just “normal” typhoon weather, with big gusts and rain - but I’m definitely not eager to take a taxi across town in it.


I’m not real hopeful, sorry to say

Like you said, it might possibly be ok by 4am but taking a taxi to Taoyuan at 1 am …


At least it’s a driver who regularly works with my wife’s company, and I know the guy and trust his driving. Many, many other drivers in Taiwan would scare me a lot more (and I guess we’ll be sharing the road with some of that lot …)


If the roads are flooded then it won’t matter how good a driver he is…

Hopefully sense prevails and they move your flight to later tomorrow morning

From the radar it looks like Keelung-Xijih is getting torrential rain right now


Slowly getting a mess at arrivals at both airports.
Departures are normally more reliable than arrivals, but if a plane did not arrive, it will be hard to depart …


300 to 500 mm of rain expected up North. South is looking at 900 mm at least.

Lots of chaos and destruction in Pingtung. But an accident in Yilan claims first victims in a car accident: at least one dead and 5 injured.

Wind has also bended poles and tv is showing first water tanks rolling down the flooded streets.

Reports of loss of power near Zhongshiao in Taipei.

Hence, if you do not have to go out, DO NOT go out. Stock on batteries. Make sure all devices have power.

Xindian: heavy rain, strong gusts of wind. Lights flickering.

Oh and tv is talking about double typhoons. Double whammy. It is going to be a long and noisy night.


Frankly, I’m amazed that Taoyuan airport hasn’t been shut down

94 mil in the last hour for Yilan mountains

Suao also getting big totals

And starting to get the wrap-around effect with big falls on the west coast as well - notably Taijhong and Kaohsiung


They have a long list of international flights cancelled. Flying out in this will not be pleasant.

We are expecting visitors from Central America. Poor people, flying 30 plus hours…If they get stuck in LA, it is bad. But flying in shaky gonna make them really cranky.

Thought I had protected the litter boxes. Alas, Lola the new cat just came in completely soaked. I am so sorry…

That means the wind is carrying the rain into the balconies…Oh rats…


It would be downright dangerous, I would have thought!

108 mm in last hour for Ilan mountains - that will cause landslides if it continues at that rate



Well, there are strict limits on maximum crosswinds and gusts, and they are higher than you would expect for those big ones.

Taoyuan has the runways pretty much into the wind right now, seems they have flights stacking up but they still have regular landings.

Songshan seems to have problems though, the last arrival tried and failed, and is still holding, I guess to go to Taoyuan.

BTW, my apartment starts to shake in the gusts now, 12F, like a small earthquake every couple of minutes …


I wonder what happens if you miss your flight because you decide driving across town in the middle of the night during a typhoon is just a dumb Darwin award-worthy idea.


Keep checking your airline’s website to see if the flight has been cancelled or delayed. And do take care!



I second the not driving motion. Sh**'s flying around here, something just hit my balcony real hard. Like AC hard.

Me no likely. Can’t watch tv in peace.


Oh I’m checking. Every two minutes or so. (It’s already been delayed: original departure was 11:55pm, now 4am.)

I’m also feeling bad for the driver, because after all, I guess I am putting him in danger.

Edit: oh FFS, the suggested topics below right now does NOT need to include the thread about the movie maker who died in a helicopter accident!


Very strong pick up in winds and rain here in Taipei City in the last half hour or so.

Ew, lights just flickered twice ever so quickly.


Wind is crazy here in Taipei, yep, worse than the last typhoon for me. Lights flickering, more crap flying around outside, but my patio roof isn’t trying to take off like last year.

Shit, some of these gusts are crazy. As I type this it feels like my rooftop place is going to blow away. :open_mouth: