Typhoons 2017


Typhoon Nesat seems to be squarely over northern Taiwan right now. Here’s hoping it moves through, quickly!




It’s hard to tell what the eye is doing right now, but looking at that sat image it does appear to have ducked south slightly

The other thing is a large tail of moisture being drawn in and that’s doing the damage in Pingdong, which at this point is the hardest hit place in terms of rain

And it’s just started to crank up again there


Rain leaking pretty hard through my east-facing bathroom window. Rare.


The driver wants to pick me up at 11pm rather than 1am, since he figures it’ll be a little safer. Seems reasonable.

Edit: damn it, I’ve used points to buy a business class ticket (first time in that class in over a decade!) so I should have lounge access, but it closes at 11:30pm!


Not sure if that’s a better or worse plan - keep us posted!

So far, it hasn’t hit Taoyuan too bad and does look to be receding south a bit…

But this is a dangerous storm - the strong feed in tail gives it an extra dimension


Taijhong getting some big rain right now


It makes some sense to me. And the drive makes me far more nervous than the flight, so I may as well get it over with.

I’m trying to figure out how much extra to pay the guy. I would totally understand if he had refused to drive tonight.

Edit: so is ANYTHING open at the airport after midnight? It’s going to be a long night… I hope they’re doing something to make things more manageable for the many people who are probably there tonight.


Not sure who you are flying with, but the typically SOP is this: if they are waiting for a delayed flight to depart, the lounge should still remain open.

Take care out there!



Oh now you’ve given me cruel, cruel hope. The EVA woman who called me earlier said it would close, but I think she was just looking at the same website I was.


Yeah, I think they’ve organised an activity for the patrons while they wait - mopping the floodwaters up and building sandbag walls!

You get a bien dang for your effort

Good luck!


EVA: this means Terminal 2, the leaky one. Aiyooo.

If the lounge is indeed open, let us know.

Safe travels!



Now there’s a light train / MRT going from Taipei to Taoyuan airport. Is it out of service today?


Do you guys know when the eye is supposed to hit the Taipei?


The Taoyuan Airport Express is not out of service (as far as I know) but it is a very long journey to go from Danshui all the way down to Taipei Main Station, then make the long transfer to the Airport Express, then take the 36-38 minute journey by train. It’s just not very convenient for anyone to do this.



The MRT: I’m coming from Danshui; I think Google predicts 2h45m for that route in public transit. Plus I’m not sure how late it runs.


The eye is not going to hit Taipei as such, it’s a just south of there - and it’s happening now


Thank you.


Do you know when the storm is supposed to leave Taiwan?


Hsinchu and Miaoli are getting pounded now along with Taijhong


Hopefully by tomorrow - but need to wait and see