Typhoons 2017


All quiet here in Tian Mu at the moment – next to no rain and only the occasional large gust. Eye of the storm?


It’s possible - it’s hard to tell from the radar coz it’s too messy - the main body of the typhoon may be shaped south of the eye which would put it around south Taipei


it takes 40 mins to reach tpe main station from danshui mrt. then walk for 10 minutes, inside the station. then express mrt reaches in 35 minutes. (not sure if they run overnight)


It’s more like a 15 minute walk from the Red Line to the Taoyuan MRT–and that’s if you choose the correct path!

And no, the Airport Express does not run overnight. The last departure from Taipei Main Station is at 23:00:




Have been watching your rain totals and so far Dan Shui and Taoyuan are not off the charts - so far - so you’ve got a window!

(whether your plane flies is another thing)

You said the driver is experienced so he will have a professional sense of what’s doable

Let us know how you go


The storm appears to be moving briskly. The center currently seems to be near Taiwan’s west coast. Just keep going!




I always paid the extra money and took the High Speed Rail from TPE Main station. Fast transfer; fast and smooth ride. I always felt it was worth the price.


It’s very windy here in Danshui- perhaps as noisy as I’ve ever heard it - but there doesn’t seem to be much rain. The cats are more agitated than usual, but I think that’s partly from the packing.

Ha, Google Maps is currently telling me it’ll take seven and a half hours to get to the airport on the MRT. So yup, it shuts down at night.

I’m sure the MRT system is great, but in the pre-typhoon days when I arranged the taxi, my main logic was “By the time I get to the Danshui MRT station I’ll be a sweaty mess and I’ll need a shower and that’s twenty minutes into a 15 hour trip - so screw it, I’ll take a taxi.” If ever I’m travelling light when the temperatures aren’t insane, I’ll take the new MRT line.


Yeah, that is good to see

And shows the eye wasn’t over Teinmu, but stayed south of Taipei

Wind has whipped up here suddenly - back half wind from the south west


No doubt, the transfer from the Red Line to the High Speed Rail at Taipei Main Station is brilliant–providing again you take the right path!

But you still need to get from Taoyuan HSR Station to the Airport. So you then need to change to a Taoyuan MRT local train (no express here), which winds its way painfully slowly toward the airport.

Providing it’s working correctly, the Airport Express is thus easier and faster and (because it’s only one system, not two) cheaper. The biggest trouble is the long long transfer from the Red and Blue Lines–transferring from the Green Line is not so bad as the walk from Beimen Station is a bit shorter.



Flight radar shows a Cathay flight turning back to hk after a few hours flying around trying to land
And an Eva from Bali turning in circles trying to land also tiger from Sendai

Must be hella scary
Airport should close
Those flights need to divert
There’s a time for heroism. This isn’t one of those times


That sounds pretty chaotic! I’m amazed it is still open at all

Eye path according to CWB


And I spoke too soon; half of the deck’s roof outside broke and fell down.

Lots of sirens here now.


I was in a plane doing a hurricane circles trying to land over Houston on the tail of a hurricane. With a group of students. It was shaking so bad, one of them woke some up with the encouraging words: you better be awake when we crash.

Lots of sirens everywhere.


Talking about laws and work, there should be a law against this:


From Taoyuan HSR there is a bus that goes to the airport – hits both terminals; leaves very frequently; and only takes about 15 mins tops.


Stupid to be out in that
Easily hurt or killled by flying debris
People are getting stupider no doubt


They easily could have ended up like this:


Spoke to a friend in Keelung who says full-on typhoon wind has been raging there for 3 hours and still going strong


Ah, the good old 705 bus! This used to run like clockwork, on ten minute intervals, to get from Taoyuan HSR Station to the airport. But it appears that frequency has been cut back following the opening of the Taoyuan MRT:

Taoyuan International Airport a complete THSR shuttle bus routes network connecting the airport, Novotel Hotel, and THSR station, providing comfortable, convenient, low-cost and practical transportation option for travelers.

Shuttle information

Ticket price: full fare NT$30, half fare NT$15.
Ticketing: Tickets sold at bus counters.
Intervals: 06:15-21:45 15-30 mins
21:45:22:50 20-40 mins

Trip length: 25 minutes.

Source: http://www.taoyuan-airport.com/english/high-speed-rail