Typhoons 2017


The taxi to the airport was much easier than I expected, so that was nice. Only a little rain, and a couple of fallen branches to dodge. The check-in desk assured me the lounge is open, but security is NOT open until 1am, so I and many others are stuck in the arrivals/departure area. The only thing open is the 7-11 in the basement food court.

The check-in personnel were at best guardedly optimistic about the flight actually leaving at 4am.


I like that 711. They have the most onigiri of any 711 I have ever seen! :smile:


It is quiet now. Too quiet. One or two gusts. But on tv they show the typhoons on its way out somewhere in Miaoli but the second one is clearly seen coming up.

More than 100 thousand people are already without power all over Taiwan.

We are on the news. Big chunk of ceiling at the Tapinlin MRT station was blown off!

Winds of 13 degree in Taipei.


What does it mean?


I was watching CTI live news on Youtube to see what was happening with the typhoon, and one of their reporters was doing man-on-the-street interviews inside a shopping mall. The reporter rushes up to a dude sitting on a bench and breathlessly asks, “Is the typhoon affecting your day!?” The dude slowly looks to the left and right and then answers, “Um…I’m, like, indoors, so not really.” Gotta love the news in Taiwan.


Not a lot of rain compared to other typhoons in recent years. Plenty of wind to make up for that! Still windy in yilan, but it’s enjoyable now, some fresh air doesn’t hurt. A few motorbikes on the ground, but in my area between yilan city and the sea I don’t see any serious damage.


The hillside opposite me lost power again as they almost always do when typhoons come. The typhoon was done by midnight last night , had already got semi clear skies.


A clear morning in Taipei City. I hope everyone is fine!



Back to normal …Birds are again busy with their daily routine chirping, scooters are zooming and me need to buy fruits for week consumption.

Lovely day.


Not so fast, Haitang is picking up speed and heading straight for Pingdong.


And Pingdong was the hardest hit by the first one - I still can’t get over the 188 mil in an hour they got there yesterday!

Thankfully, Nesat kept moving at a good clip and it wasn’t sustained for longer than a few hours, though they still scored 600 mil in 4-5 hrs

The angle of approach for Haitang should mean the affected areas will get some protection - even though it looks like it’s going directly there - more likely to affect the south east coast initially

In fact Taidong can expect heavier falls than what happened yesterday - which was nothing much for the south east


Meanwhile Noru is ‘the typhoon that time forgot’

Up to warning no. 37, which is a lot, and still aimlessly meandering around out there in no-man’s land to the north east


Discussion on the top of when they allow typhoons day and workers cannot take it and their safety is compromised.


On the face of it you would think, ‘if it’s a typhoon day, everyone should get it off’ but there are probably some grey area cases

Nurses, for example, still need to work

How about 7/11 workers? They do provide a kind of emergency service and I regularly see them working through typhoons

Pretty cool track for Haitang - almost perfectly following the coastline of Taiwan


Is this next typhoon going to impact taipei?


Some rain tonight and tomorrow but nothing to worry about at this stage. It’s a small typhoon and unlikely to develop further given its interaction with land - if it’s to do any damage it will be with it’s rain

It’s maximum wind speed is up to 100kph, which is still something, so anyone in Kenting needs to pay attention

South east coast residents including Taidong city need to be on alert for the initial impact of heavy rain and possible landslides

Other east coasters should monitor it as it tracks north

This will have a much bigger impact than yesterday’s event here in Taidong


From the news, for what is worth and for the limited time the typhoons hit, damage was not little. Five dead in Miaoli landslide to be confirmed.

Here in Xindian, 5 homes affected as a piece of someone’s tin metal house flew away and slammed against their balconies. Luckily, no one was outside at the time.


That’s not good. Goes to show, landslides can be triggered without masses of rain

They ‘only’ got 280 mil in Miaoli, but it happened in a few hours

What was the situation exactly - was it in the mountains?

Any reports on Pingdong?


I’m high up watching planes departing Songshan Airport flying directly into the cloud bank that’s east of Taipei.

I guess they’re trying to make a run between the systems.

I would not enjoy the ride on that airplane.


Now’s a rainbow behind 101 looking East.