Typhoons 2017


Haitang is packing some serious rain!

200 mil on the south east coast of Pingdong already

Taidong will be impacted within a couple of hours - and it’s going to feed up the coast all the way to Ilan

Be on alert if you live in the mountains


Here’s one from the archives for the old-timers

As we know Typhoon Nari was a record breaking rain typhoon for Taipei

The record that it beat was set the previous year by Xangsane in the year 2000, which fed a stream of rain into the north for several days as it approached

Interestingly, it’s a very similar track to Haitang’s predicted path

Obviously too early to be talking about massive flood alerts in Taipei but Haitang is bringing up a wet south-westerly air flow - so it does bear watching


Raining harder now in Kaoshiung, as centre of the storm is just offshore.



Appears to be some divergence in the track forecasts - CWB has it going up the east coast and then heading inland around Taidong city

Up to 300 mm in Pingdong and 250 in southern Taidong county

Will likely get worse before it gets better in Kaohsiung as well


If you look at the CWB enhance satellite image it’s just pretty well covering all of Taiwan on its way North.


100 + mm at two places in Pingdong in the last hour

That’s a ‘clear and present danger’ sign

Worse news is that the tail in the south west is feeding back into the south west coast of Pingdong the same section that got hammered last night

Taoyuan district, Kaohsiung has also clocked 250 mil in the last few hours

The dark red on the radar looks even more intense than last night



Very windy in Xindian.

Neighbors tell me Xindian center was without power several hours.

The clouds as usual very impressive. They take that milky surreal shape…


Can any of you kind folks remind me where to find the official Taiwan government site indicating which cities (if any) will cancel work and school? Thanks in advance for your help!







CWB has dropped the ball a bit on their 24hr tracks recently - they used to be pretty good but lately they’re all over the shop

In the last 24 hrs they’ve had it going up the Taiwan strait, the middle of Taiwan, the east coast, and now it’s supposedly going up the middle again

The worst hit places in Pingdong are now closing in on 700 mm across the two nights


For what it’s worth, wunderground thinks Haitang will head up the west coast. But with this massive blob in the southwest of Taiwan, it’s difficult to ascertain where it’s heading!




Hell! That’s a scary image!

Don’t think I can remember Taiwan ever being hit by two typhoons in two days


Well, the blob is technically not yet a typhoon. So, so far, so good.

Much less so, however, in the south, which must be getting whacked with rain…



They’re saying
"Work and Classes as Usual Tomorrow." In Taipei/NewTaipei

Can this change or once they say it’s ‘as usual’ it does not change further?


I just got a free roller coaster ride crossing the Bitan suspension bridge.


Check in the morning. If it changes, they will likely wait until the last minute to do so.


I’ve seen it happen before but they let everybody get to work before changing their mind.


Depending on where the eye does go - and seems like it’s anyone’s guess - you might be in with a rough show

There is a helluva lot of rain in this system - maybe more than last night



So… is there any chance that this passes by Taipei and the gov calls for a day off? :stuck_out_tongue: