Typhoons 2017


I really can’t understand what was in the mind of whoever designed these bunkers. I mean, no windows, no escape routes in case of fire, no air circulation, no esthetics, no light. I mean, look outside people, and we have to keep the lights on from 7am till we finish or else we cannot see our way. I know that if we open the windows it is worse with the pollution from the exhaust coming vehicles rolling the main Taipei artieries, but heck, I mean, was this the style in the 50s? What was the logic? If it was to keep the AC on all year around, then keep it on all year around. If not, modify this “design”.

You know where we have that kind of windows that can never close, you know, like metal French windows? In the bathroom. So, stepping to number one or two means you end up drenched from the heat. The cubicles become furnaces. In winter you literally freeze your ass off, pardon my French.



This just in…Presidential building is excused from the no AC rule. Right.

PTT is having a field day with this. The comments are pretty hysterical.


Do share.

OTOH, we have a lot of foreign visitors these days. It would be very embarrassing if they feel too much of a warm welcome.

However, the Presidential Office is not as bad aerodinamically speaking. The Japanese buildings hold their own. It is the newer ones which I would blast and start all over…



Let’s have a strict no electricity after 5PM policy.

yay 不用值班 贊成

No need to be on duty after hours!


Awesome, that means all those people coming into government buildings to run errands, also don’t have AC. That’s grrrreat.


Why not just give us a two week vacay?


They should be going after those stores that blast the a/c and leave their doors wide open.


If we could NOT work overtime… but people think if you don’t you are lazy, that if you leave on time it is because you do not have enough work so they give you MORE work, and they simply cannot change this mentality. :sob:


“I’ve failed my country and people again,” Taipei Mayor Ko Wen-je (柯文哲) said, referring to a suspension announced for Typhoon Dujuan in September 2015, which had little impact on Taipei.



BTW, the AC is off every day at 5 pm. I would love to do overtime on weekends, but this place becomes a furnace, even my cactus have died. Yeah, I watered them… Friday. Monday morning they are a stump.


They should turn off all the tax payer funded beauty lights on the bridges and unneeded street lamps that do nothing but color the scenery.


We then get people complaining about how ugly the city is. There’s no win win in this situation.


too much bureaucracy , not enough spinning things of doom.



Um…I hope that’s a typo!


Handle typhoon like a local…
With shorts, bare-chested and chewing binlang.
Nothing to worry about :smiley:


And if Lucy is a furry furriner, please call Icon.


i should post a pic of my fur-covered beer belly


Please don’t.

There are children here.


Raise you 20


Meh, Noru is the biggest disappointment in this typhoon season so far.


Pretty sure I got the lot of yiz whipped


disapponting ?_?

he’s had an extremely long lifespan, and latest forecast show it making landfall in japan as one of the strongest typhoons in years, on the level of Saudelor 2015

he’s the one i REALLY want to miss taiwan