Typhoons 2017


Yeah, 8 mouths that would gladly eat YOU if you stopped moving for 5 hours.


Nope, they only eat top of the shelf organic open range fresh food, nothing stale nor old, no matter how hungry they are.


@Rocket now wishes he was one of your pets.



Thank you! Japanese raincoats are a great idea! :grinning:




Noru from the ISS


Forecast for Noru has lowered a bit in intensity, from a monstruous sub-900 hPa typhoon to a 950-ish hPa. This still ranks it as a very strong typhoon, but not a cataclismic event.

Trajectory looks very interesting: it seems like it get past Japan, slide between Nipponland and Korea, then follow the coast to the North.

In before:“WHAT IF IT TURNS IN OUR DIRECTION!!1!!!” -> IT WILL NOT, we shall save our Doom Paul pics for a more apt time.

Disclaimer: no forecast is showing Noru turning our way, not even in the slightest, hence no need to worry about it:

He wants to go North, chasing the red area.





Has anyone else noticed @IbisWtf’s growing tendency to anthropomorphize the weather patterns, frequently referring to them as “he”?

Bro, it’s a bad look, really.
Sounds quite crazy.
Like Cat Lady crazy.



Surfs up!

Assume it’s coming in from Noru - huge sets - as clean as a whistle


Blame the patriarchy, not me!

Side note: in my native language everything has a gender, so it’s extremely common for me to misgender objects, especially things that end up having a name like these typhoons.


Are you calling me?


Yep. Mine too. Interestingly, a female noun/adjetive can become “masculinized” and hence made “more powerful”. Ex. mujer becomes mujeron, meaning literally a big woman and figuratively a sexy, stately, magnificent lady.


Typhoon = masculine

Tropical storm = weaker than a typhoon, hence feminine


LOL. Dunno the part about weaker, as usually they carry a lot of rain and do a lot of damage.

They may be sneakier, then. Wicked feminine guiles. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:



That’s one of my favorite movies!


I watch it every 3 or 4 months.