Typhoons 2017


She does love her some beard!


Maybe she thinks he comes with the boat.:idunno:


He rescued four pooches and their owners. Of course I can show him some appreciation, if you know what I mean.


This is interesting. Looked initially like the first cyclone might develop into something huge, but now we have:

The Spawn of Satan

A new, break-off show has sprung rapidly up off the east coast of PPE

Predicted to go through PPE but could veer towards Taiwan and is worth watching for any further development


Chicken bones and rain dance!!

I am guessing this heat is killing crops. For some reason toms are almost NT$200 and in June they were NT$80.

Or some kind of blight has hit.


I don’t know when was the last time I saw cilantro.



The heck was that?! Que?


You mentioned cilantro, and that was the first thing that hit my head.


Oh gosh that song…Ayioo


Oh, it will stay with you long after it is over.


It calls the cat psychotic.


As a life-long and current owner of cats…I have to say that is not too far off the mark.


Nothing is happening.



Hey, I really need to know what’s the final decision re typhoons and rain. Where is it going to happen, and where is safe to be for one week?


Taiwan is pretty safe for at least a week!


TBH, I hope that the weather here sucks big time while I’m abroad enjoying my trip. That would make it even better.


Heard it again. It is not psychotic. He calls the cat obscene. :scream:

He says Cilantro is a guy who does it better than your husband, lady. :nauseated_face:


My “kitchen Spanish” was able to get some of it, not all of it. I do not trust the Google with translations.

I just saw the word "cilantro, and thought of that song. I wasn’t wanting to offend anyone.


¡Demasiado tarde, muchacho, yo muy indignado!