Typhoons 2017


If I meet one drop of rain on my way up on Saturday morning, you best be prepping a full course Pasta people meal for me because I’ll roll straight down to Yilan to collect my winnings.


If the God of Spinning Winds blesses you with his wet benevolence, YOU are we one who should pay his fair share and thank ME, the Herald of Spinning Wet Things, for such a privilege!


That’s what she said?


She who ?_?


Some Yilan-der Black Voodoo Magic going on here.


I’m confused. I’ll make sure to deliver the message to my Wet Overlord and let him know about your blasphemy.


Meanwhile, in the Caribbean and Southern USA:

Auntie Religious Nutcase in Tallahassee, one cousin in Jacksonville, Uncle Bob in Panama Beach. Guess which one is prepped.


That sustained wind is similar to Saudelor! Neat!
But by the time it makes it to the US it should have weakened a bit due to the interaction with all the islands on its path.


Problem is the mess it is going to leave those islands in. Estimates say Puerto Rico will be without power about 3 months.


Those islands have been on hurricanes’ path ever since hurricanes existed, so I guess they’ll have some sort of preparations undergoing.

Though it would be very interesting to find out they don’t.


People get too much into well I survived Gilbert, I survived Andrew…Mostly cannot leave their homes because it is a toss between leaving and having thieves empty the place, or staying and chance being flooded or nothing happening or at leats they think if they stay they have a fighting chance. Most poor people with home sin bad places think they have no where to go, no shelters or not enough, or fear of going into shelters.

One more baddy in the hood: Jose.


I hope Jose will go straight to Mexico, the memes would be glorious.


ay yai yai

when it rains…


The communities in NY and other Northern states are already getting together to help. Problem is that flights out to PR and the rest have been cancelled and will remain so until further notice. It si dangerous to send help under those conditions so people will have to fend by themselves a long time.

Since RD is an ally, I hope Taiwan can help rebuild. Though depending on the effects of the hurricane, China might use that to muscle in. St. Kitts and Nevis, another friendly, is also in harm’s way.


The stormy thing to the south is steering in our direction, but it’s nothing to worry about. Just some bad weather for the south and part of the west coast.


When you say south, do you mean deep south or like…a bit south of Taipei.

Still worried that we’ll get hit by some bad weather on race day.


When/where do you have the race?

For the coming days some scattered showers have to be expected, but I’d be surprised by any real heavy rain. The storm has almost completely dissipated. By “showers” I mean really small amounts of rain anywhere from Kaohsiung to Taichung.


Saturday morning. Starting in Puli.

On a normal day, He Huan Shan/Wuling should be good weather up until noon. The group that I’m going with will finish before then, so we’re not that concerned. Wind we can deal with, but, any form of rain is not preferred.


At the rate it’s dissipating, I don’t think it will have any impact in that area during the weekend. Yesterday it was as tropical storm, today it’s basically a fart with a few clouds spinning around it.

So far they only issued a strong wind warning for Penghu, with no mention of rain.


Another invest has formed and it may follow the same Philippines/HK trajectory.


Duely noted. Thanks for keeping track of it, Ibis. I would hate go down there only to have 3-4 months of prep go down the drain.