Typhoons 2017


Lanyu during typhoons is an apocalyptic scenario, yet people have no issues living there.


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This is also being listed as the most potent hurricane in the Atlantic ocean…ever! I saw yesterday that it broke another record for having sustained winds (not gusts) over 185 mph for more than 33 hours straight.

It recently calmed down, sustained winds are “only” 175 mph now. Still a category 5.


First of all, both of those places belong to a much larger, heavily industrialized entity whose resources are readily available to them.

Second, erm…

Antigua and Barbuda/GDP per capita: 14,353.38 USD

Japan/GDP per capita: 38,894.47 USD

Evacuations, emergency services, that shit ain’t free, man


Saw Barbuda has around 95% destruction. How do you prepare for that??


You think so? All I read in Sopanish are bad to worse news. Worse! They just had an 8.1 quake off the coast of Mexico, tsunami alert from Central America to Ecuador. :sob:


Wow. Just when you think things could not get worse…



Well, a lot of those islands belong to France, UK, US and the Netherlands.



And they call me Auntie Panic.



Check your facts.


Stop angering the God Emperor Trump! Three hurricanes + earthquake + tsunami should be enough of a lesson!


I’m wondering about construction standards. Just wondering though–little idea of the reality in either place–but even with the strength of this storm the damage seems unbelievable. These islands know they’re going to be hit more than occasionally. I doubt small Okinawan islands have that much greater resources available–we’re not talking about Tokyo here.


I think this just show the magnitude of this particular storm. Barbuda is reportedly 95% destroyed.


In Lanyu the traditional homes are built with part of the walls underground and a moat-like thing around them…not really high tech, but people have been living there for ages (and Cat 5 typhoons in the Pacific are FAR more frequent than Cat 5 hurricanes in the Atlantic, though being of similar intensities)


Yes? Saint Martin is shared by France and the Netherlands, British Virgin Islands are British, Puerto Rico is American. There are other Saint something islands which are also French. They got hit bad as well. According to reports “most of the solid buildings on Saint Martin are flattened”.

Antigua and Barbuda and the Bahamas are not, obviously.

And yeah Lanyu and Green Island get hit all the time as well. Okinawa too. I’m not saying they always survived unscathed, but they’ve never gotten 95% destroyed. That’s preposterous.


Houses here and in Okinawa are made of concrete and reinforced steel. That definitely makes a big difference.


And now it’s raining in Taipei.



You in my FB feed? There are already enough conspiracy theories, citing Kathrina as man made, saying this is a way to empty Florida of illegals and poor people.


On the other hand,

Antigua and Barbuda
Dominican Republic
Saint Kitts and Nevis
Saint Lucia
Saint Vincent and the Grenadines
Trinidad and Tobago