Typhoons 2017


I think everyone’s FB is the same, with the same sources supporting conspiracy theories that see the ELITE 1% using man-made natural events to get rid of the poor, and AT THE SAME TIME supporting the conspiracy theories of the ELITE 1% trying to replace the regular population with more poor people coming from Fuckistan and similar countries.


Frankly, I just hope the nuke plants in South Florida are ready.


Finally pal with doggie got in touch, left a number to call. He’s on the move, evacuating.


The tiny sausage friend?


This is all just a warm up for North Korea launching the big one next week. My advice, go short on all of your stocks except maybe tinfoil and baked beans. And go hard at the weekend, party like its your last chance to get some.




So you’re saying I dont need to worry about quitting heroin before Christmas?

Oh, and about them baked beans…


Go long on the China White, go way long.


As far as I can see, there are 20 nuclear power plants in the path of the hurricane. Florida alone there are 3, of those 2 in the evacuate/get the hell out/catasthropic damage expected areas.

Froggers. I do not want to imagine a Fukushima like disaster caused by a hurricane.


ECMWF for the next weekend is showing a Meranti-like typhoon just South of Taidong.
For GFS it will be a minor storm, but it’s starting to agree on the presence of some spinning-entity (just yesterday GFS was predicting nothing at all)


This is not good. We have not had serious rain or a good series of typhoons. If we do not get wet this fall to spring, next summer is not going to be fun…



Shimen at 70% and many of the biggest reservoirs close to 100% capacity headed into the rainy season. I’d say no worries at all.


Not much on reading 中文 coz the English doesn’t have info. OR, I am looking in the wrong place.



It’s all English, if you click on the regions in the map it shows water levels.


Oh. Ha. Didn’t scroll down far enough. Opps. My bad.
I am old.


As Ibis mentioned, something is brewing, with a projected arrival late next week:




Yeah, this one looks cute. Keep an eye on it.


The black line is the average and is very similar to Meranti. It’s a few days away so it may still steer earlier and have more impact in Hualien and Yilan.

The real intensification should start tomorrow evening, so by Monday afternoon we should have a better idea of trajectory/strength.


Auntie was hauled out of her house by her granddaughter…who works for the sheriff’s office.

However, uncle BoB is saying that it is aunt Sue the one who does not want to leave.

Sausage pal is scared witless but can’t move much due to broken ribs. Will ride it out.


If GFS’ forecast is correct, next Friday it would be better to not be on the East coast, especially Taidong.
Other forecast models seem to be milder.