Typhoons 2017


I was hoping for a day off on Wednesday :disappointed_relieved:


North is just a relative concept, man.

How north did you mean exactly? JTWC seem pretty confident it’ll hit us as of now


So far most models see Telim making landfall basically on my roof. A couple show it steering further North and dodging Taiwan by a hair.
If weather forecast was a democracy, we’d be screwed.
Apparently there’s still a bit of hope but time is running out, it needs to speed up the steering process by a lot if he wants to visit Japan.



@tempogain this much north :laughing:


Speak not these discouraging words!

We must retain hope!



Windyty is usually quiet accurate and still says Wednesday strike on Northern Taiwan. Hualien/Yilan entry point.

So there might be hope my pals will leave normally on Friday?


Windy(ty) only uses two models: for ECMWF my house is fotbar, for GFS this typhoon will not make landfall in Taiwan.

The majority of other models agree with ECMWF, so landfall in Hualien/Yilan, but this doesn’t mean that GFS has 0% chance of being correct.

Friday’s weather will depend on which of the several models is correct: if the typhoon makes landfall in Taiwan on Wednesday night, then Friday should be fine. If it keeps steering North it will remain in typhoon-status longer due to the reduced interaction with our mountains.


Xindian has like this direct corridor straight to Yilan and we get very strong winds and a lotta rain. Hope I can go out and see my pals to the airport properly.

Hell if I am riding the 20 story high airport metro in typhoon conditions!



i approve of this


Holy shit, now even for ECMWF this typhoon will pass just slightly North of Taiwan. We may actually dodge this.

I mean, Taipei would get soaked in rain, but it’s full of skydragon people, whatever.


I’ve heard that’s kind of the point. :smile:

Anyway, China says get ready.


Wow, the storm sped up a bit. The eye is now supposed to pass north of Taiwan Wednesday morning instead of hitting Taiwan on Wednesday night. If the current forecast keeps, there might be flight cancellations on Wednesday.


Be done with this blasphemy


If it can only come a little further south…just a touch…


This thing keeps going north. Looks like the eye will not touch Taiwan as of now, but head straight to China.


He wants to visit Shanghai!

Ok, I guess. I’ll not hold a grudge against him. May still get a day off due to probable heavy rain, though I wouldn’t bet too much on it


Good news is, due to the good time she’s making Daniel Pearl Day on Saturday will be spared.


sup bro