Typhoons 2017


Meh… won’t hit us here in real Okinawa, but will affect western islands (Miyako and Ishigaki) as per normal.

but, we do get a 5 m swell to go surfing on. Right in front of my house! Sweet!


Normally, they wait until 10 pm to make general announcements…unless it is rather obvious, meaning flooding has already started. Occasionally you may have the annoying 6:30am rushed announcements that make no one happy.

And only once in my 20 years here have, as far as I remember, they made the call at midday and sent us packing home in a mad rush.


The swans have taken flight. So expect something untoward.


Maybe it’s just a holding page until they have something to put there. Previously it would always return a page not found error when they had no information.


In my experience, it means (not that it says it) that until the next update (which is posted somewhere on the page, no?), the status is as listed


Got a text message suggesting I park my car somewhere other than the riverside park that it’s currently at, not at panic levels yet though as the powers that be have not yet given a safe pass for red line parking


Stay classy Super.


As the creator of this thread, I highly approve the avatars.


we all have to work tomorrow… don’t give up hope for Thursday though.




They claim wind/rain does not meet the limit. Yet the number of flights being cancelled is…disturbing.

Very strong winds and heavy rain expected. Mostly tomorrow afternoon/evening.


Should we expect a 2pm announcement saying go home?


As per Icon’s post, I saw that Cathay Pacific has already cancelled the following flights:

Hong Kong to Taipei on 13 September 2017


Taipei to Hong Kong on 14 September 2017



I guess they are betting the worse comes after work.:rage:

Do not ride scooters to work tomorrow. Or bicycle. Oiste Jesus?!



The Chinese version says 明天照常上班、照常上課。


There’s another storm around the Philippines going in the direction of Hong Kong. That might have something to do with it.


I slept through the last typhoon.

I generally sleep through earthquakes.

This rain had woke me up. Fairly heavy wind gusts coming in slamming doors throughout house as well.


Wow. Where are you? Things are pretty calm in my corner of Taipei City.



In Danshui I haven’t noticed any wind at all yet. Once during the night the rain got heavy enough to wake me up, but it didn’t last long.

So it looks like the storm has swung too far north to have much of an impact on Taipei? Or am I misreading the forecasts?


Seems that way. Looks to not even make landfall in China now.