Typhoons 2017


Post some pics :slight_smile:


If you let windy predict then it will not hit Taiwan, turn northeast before China and make landfall in Japan.


Neihu. Balcony facing north is fairly covered in water and has a decent amount of sediment on it though other side looks like nothing happened.


Taiwan’s cwb is also predicting the same. I’m not betting on a typhoon day for northern Taiwan.


Stand by then! gotta wait till Saturday for the big stuff.


Oops, rode my scooter to work. In my defense, it was really nice and cool outside.


Eh, so far so good. Hope it just doesn’t deteriorate later in the evening. Like, when we get off work.

And I trust you are not a daredevil a la Jesus.


It’s far and we’re on the weaker side. No worries guys.


Same. It was a nice ride this morning!


I saw it was coming down hard before I left home, so I got all rain jacket and pantsed up to scoots. The full 15 minute commute, no rain. I’m grabbing my morning coffee and it’s pouring.



Taiwanese engerish translation : NO work and all classes are cancelled


I think the typhoons have become sentient and they are actively dodging Taiwan to avoid a premature death…


So did everyone survive this cataclysmic event?


Hey! These things can and do change directions. Do not tempt them!



Yeah, I was thinking that just last night when it stalled. What if it pulls a Nari and comes back from our blind side? Kaput.


it’s still just sitting right there, just above Taiwan…


I just checked CWB and saw that they have this prompt in Chinese when you open up the homepage, but no English translation. :frowning:

中央氣象局 颱風警報單
發 布 時 間:民國106年9月14日8時30分。

警 報 種 類:海上颱風警報。
颱 風 強 度 及 編 號:中度颱風,編號第18號(國際命名:TALIM,中文譯名:泰利)
警 報 報 數:第15報。
中 心 氣 壓:935百帕。
目 前 時 間:14日8時。
中 心 位 置:北緯 26.6 度,東經 124.7 度,
即在臺北的東北東方約 360 公里之海面上。
暴 風 半 徑:7級風暴風半徑 250 公里,10級風暴風半徑 80 公里。
預 測 速 度 及 方 向:以每小時9公里速度,向北北西轉北進行。
近 中 心 最 大 風 速:每秒 48 公尺(約每小時 173 公里),相當於 15 級風。
瞬 間 之 最 大 陣 風:每秒 58 公尺(約每小時 209 公里),相當於 17 級風。
預 測 時 間:15日8時。
預 測 位 置:北緯 28.5 度,東經 124.5 度,
即在臺北的東北方約 490 公里之海面上。
颱 風 動 態:根據最新氣象資料顯示,第18號颱風中心目前在臺北東北東方海面,向北北西轉北移
警 戒 區 域 及 事 項:臺灣北部海面及臺灣東北部海面航行及作業船隻應嚴加戒備。

下次警報預定發布時間為 9月14日11時30分


It has strengthened a lot after missing Taiwan. Looks like it will spare Shanghai, thanks for ruining my great pun, asshole typhoon -_-


Anyone who SUGGESTS this typhoon may turn and head back to Taiwan AUTOMATICALLY accepts a bet with me for 20000nt, which I will win under any circumstance that doesn’t involve the eye of the storm passing above my house in Yilan.


As long as there is a 0.00000000001% chance it won’t turn back, I’m good.


With the luck we’ve been getting with typhoons missing us, but the rain ruining our weekends and the relevance of that to the eye of the storm passing over Black Yilan-der Voodoo Magic HQ…I say your 20,000NT is as good as yours.