Typhoons 2017



Once it gets officially downgraded to Tropical Storm after the impact with Japan, I’ll send you my bank details.


And I will send you sausage’s pic.


I’ve had mixed feelings about this typhoon season:

a) No major typhoon hitting us (Yilan) head on, apart from Nesat which turned out to be rather mild(ish)

b) Telim’s trajectory went from South of Taiwan to above-my-house to Fotbar in Japan, missing us altogether

c) We’re now in the middle of September, which is likely to reduce the chances for further Super-Giga Typhoons of Doom

Even though all forecasts at the beginning of the season prepared me for a mild summer, I wasn’t expecting it to be so uneventful. In before:“HURRR BUT HONG KONG!11!!” -> a) I don’t give a crap -> b) Even considering all the small/medium typhoons that went to HK/Macau and those that recurved in the middle of the ocean, it was still a very quiet season, as forecast by most agencies due to the Ninho/Ninha swap.

It’s a bit disappointing, but I need to accept the will of our God of Spinning Winds, who I am sure will fulfill my prayers in 2018. I can already see Him charging a Kamehameha of destiny all Winter…just wait and see!!!

Fuck, Winter…the rain…feelsbadman…I should open a thread about the Winter weather.


Didn’t someone over at Fox News get fired for that?


I predict that thread will just be this…


Or like the facebook page about michael jackson’s health conditions.

I must do it, it’s my moral responsability.


We could use some though. had this typhoon came just a bit closer, the water reserve level would look a lot better.


i hope Doksuri, the typhoon we haven’t followed at all because he’s going somewhere else, will not cause too much damage in Vietnam & friends. It’s going straight for them, passing above really warm waters. The coast is fairly low and it looks like Doksuri will slide right between Hainan and Vietnam.
Current forecast is Cat3+, landfall should be tomorrow.


This is my local break (10 minutes walk from my house). Normally a bunch of short lefts at mid-high tide, some times a reasonable right as well, depending on the direction of the swell.

Today’s swell running at 4.5-5.5 m. 3-4 m waves getting totally smashed by wind at 50-70 km/h, and of course, nobody venturing out in this shit. bear in mind its breaking over three feet of water over cheese grater coral. not for beginners!

i should add the mapref: 26.409418, 127.713195


it’s very windy here in yilan as well, I guess the surfers in Toucheng/Daxi will be having a cool day!


Talim wrecked Japan:


It lost a lot of strength and barely classifies as tropical storm now. Apart from some flight cancellations I doubt there will be any major impact on Japan.

It’s time to accept the truth: this year we’ve angered the God of Spinning Winds and he decided not to bless us with wet benevolence. We need to repent our sins, so that next year we’ll get the chance to get rekt.

I still haven’t figured out all the details about this religion of mine. If something doesn’t make sense, just assume it’s a metaphor.

Also, my religion doesn’t have trucks/cars/planes/buckets of peace, so it’s already an improvement over others!


There’s a theory for the lack of typhoon by the locals, and the blame goes directly to Mayor Ko. Apparently prior to the universiade, Mayor Ko went to the temple and prayed for the typhoons to not hit Taiwan so his games could go on smoothly. The gods demanded him to go vegan for the duration of the games before granting his wish. There were plenty of typhoon scares during the universiade, but they all turned at the last minute.

The problem is Mayor Ko probably wasn’t precise enough with his plea, so the gods thought he wanted the rest of the year to go without typhoons, and continue to keep typhoons away and demanded him to stay vegan until the end of September.


So…Ko is the Chosen One?

I’m not surprised!



Southern Islands still got some.


The guy who was driving his car during the typhoon and ended up in a river reminded me of the family that right before Saudelor arrived in Taiwan took their kids for a swim in Nan Fang Ao.


Invest 99W just formed to the South-East of Guam. Weather conditions don’t seem to indicate that it may grow into anything, but it’s the only thing worth keeping an eye on.


Is he? :astonished:
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:crystal_ball: Very doubtful