Typhoons 2017


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What are you guys going to talk about after Typhoon season?

Next year, hope there can be a “Typhoon Alerts/Immediate Issues” for things happening within 24-36 hours and a separate “Typhoon Talk” to talk about whatever so people interested in immediate issues can keep up with the critical information and others can just talk.

This thread became very unusable this year with all the talk about things 5 or 7 or 8 or 20 days out or things unrelated to immediate concerns with typhoons.


Winter is usually the time to complain about the rain, so we head to the weather thread for that.

I think that using this kind of thread to give out warnings 24/36 hours in advance would be redundant, that’s what the government already does. It’s possible to detect typhoons 5, 7, 10 days in advance which can be useful for people planning any kind of activity, even if the forecast is not always going to be spot on. For me, knowing 5+ days in advance that there’s 75%+ chance of a typhoon impacting Taiwan is more useful than knowing it for sure with just a 24h notice.


SAFE in the knowledge…someone MIGHT…

I don’t think she thought that through.


You are more than welcome to start that thread and updating it as much as @IbisWtf updates this thread.


99W is still looking to be a non-factor, just a bit of spinning in the middle of the ocean before fading into eternal oblivion.


Seriously the typhoons/hurricanes are getting real nasty. 100 per cent of Puerto Rico is without power. The NOAA center, radars, emergency coordination facilities…all ripped off, gone with the wind. Most cellphone coverage also gone, only a few radio stations struggling to get emergency messages across.