Typhoons 2018


It closed about 5 mins ago champ


Literally, when it cannot move anymore. The first line to go is the Brown line, wind reaches a certain point it just cannot go. Then the underground lines. Depends on wind speed… and flooding.


Never, if the haters like @Yang_Gui_Zi have their way…:rage:


That was for @Rocket. I heard he likes it.

I ain’t skurred. Rode the scooter today! :stuck_out_tongue:


Most building are concrete, only the corrugated sheet metal dwellings/roofs can go and fly off. Traffic signs and trees can be downed, here and there a neighborhood flooded, but if all pumps work it will be fine.


Enjoy the bridge!!!


Keep it dry, wet toilet paper … bad!


Yeah the earthquakes do much more damage over time than the typhoons. 40 years of earthquakes and the building is often tilted, the roof is out of line and leaking, etc.


Come on Taichung, you can do it too!


:banana: the banana, thank you very much!


That’s a toilet paper holder with additional functionality of a phone and radio!

Listen to the radio about your doom. Take a shit and call your mom. All in one!


Plants are safe inside and I moved stuff away from windows. Since I live in the middle of nowhere I’m always out of power for a day or two during a typhoon (3.5 for Soudelor, lol), so I charged all my batteries.
Wind is starting to get some momentum here.

I don’t expect it to be a major happening for Yilan. I’m more worried about Keelong because they don’t really do well with heavy rain and tide surges. Plus all the Skydragoncity city weirdos who panic when a typhoon is like 7000kms away from them with 0 impact for Taipei but start to panic nonetheless.


There’s now agreement: it will pass slightly North of Taiwan. Don’t expect a lot of sleep tonight.




If only there was a worldwide sporting tournament with an exciting semi-final that just happened to be broadcast live at 2 am tomorrow morning…:faroe_islands:


…on the rooftop…with the clown
getting blown by Maria… errrrr somehow that doesn’t sound right…


YouBike service will stop at 6pm.

Extra buses will run in Taipei and New Taipei from 3 to 5 pm.

HSR will run as usual.

Haven’t seen anything about the Taoyuan Airport MRT but I feel sorry for anyone who takes it once the typhoon hits.


Maximum Wind Speed 53m/s, Gust 65m/s

That’s not very scary tbh. Slowed down significantly.


Bus services will be reduced after 5pm. Please take note.


That means it can dump more rain, and remains longer dumping it. Itsy bitsy problematic.


It dumps more rain if the pace is slow, not if the gusts are not strong. Or that’s my understanding.