Typhoons 2018




So that is the cause for our blazing sun and blue sky?


he’s helping, as it’s pulling a lot of clouds to himself.


Typhoon Jelawat! He did it!!!


Holy crap, it became a category 4. It intensified so quickly, never seen something like this.

And we’re still in March!


When would it land the East coast?


Unfortunately he won’t…he’ll move in direction of Japan and disappear 8(


Peaked around category 4, now weakening. That was a nice start for typhoon season, I need to dust off my “IT’S HAPPENING” image folder.


It’s all so quiet…


Shhhhhhhh don’t look and maybe they will go away.


There’s an invest trying to grow, but he’s struggling a lot and may not make it 8(



Invest 92W just showed up!


Is it possible to have a typhoon in May/June?


I’ll take this difficult question.
Yes, it’s possible. Less likely in May though. Still need to plum rains.


I should say, has it been done before by the mighty typhoon gods :smirk:


There’s only one god of typhoons and its name is…God of Spinning Winds.


Yes it’'s been done. Late April has seen typhoons.




Not tyhoon related, but living in southern Taiwan for the last 12 years I have never seen air quality that bad as of today ?
Seriously, is that a sandstorm today ?


Regardless of your heresy: here in Yilan we’ve had a couple of scorching hot mornings/early afternoons, followed by thunderstorms with winds coming from the mountains. It looks like in the South you’re starting to get wind coming straight from the Philippines. Yay!