Typhoons 2018


Yeah our building changed the building staff company a couple months ago. The new folks don’t use the old company’s (brand new) guard shacks at all. For two months they’ve sat empty.

Until this afternoon, when poof they’re all gone. Which is smart, I am not complaining.


That’s what she… Ok not going there


The shape of the tail reminds me of a swallow. I’m not a birdologist.


sooo this is going to be a weak typhoon? i have heard that the 7-11s and family marts are all open - wow! that sucks for the employees. is making a 7-11 run in the middle of a typhoon epic stupid, or just epic?

edit: oops that wasn’t meant to be a reply


You are right. Just fooling around.


They’re always open!


Rain and rapidly darkening sky in Da’an…

It begins.


wow so how does this work for the employees? what if their shift ends right when the typhoon begins? are they stuck? do they at least get hazard pay? or like do they get extra wages if they are stuck at the 7-11 because the typhoon prevents them from going home? so curious!


They probably just get screwed.


Got a message from AIT. They said it will not make landfall over Taiwan.


No landfall interesting, does that mean a lower chance of a typhoon day tomorrow?


We should find out in a few hours, but I’d say the chance of a day off tomorrow has lowered quite a bit.


I haven’t seen a satellite track of the storm with the path and whole picture in a while. Does anyone have a link?

The rain began in Taipei about 30 minutes ago.


Typhoon expectations summed up by pictures…

Newbies to the island:


Foreigners who have been here a while:


Taiwan weather bureau.
Weather underground.


MRT Nanking Fuxing

United Daily


Ha, ha, ha! Home already. Everybody was all bu hao i su at 4. I was like later dudes.


Thanks lostinasia.Circumferences seem rather different. Hard to tell how much of the storm will cover the Taipei, New Taipei area.


Those in the know…
I guess Taichung will likely just get a bit of wind then it looks like?


Taichung will be ok. Or erased from the map, no other option.