Typhoons 2018



Oooops! dO I see Ishigaki in that picture? xD


Yilan and Lienchiang cancelled tomorrow


Does that mean business as usual elsewhere?


South and Mid Taiwan= no dice

Northern Taiwan = 11:30 pm announcement


Waiting till 9 for announcement , everybody waiting on Taipei city to decide.


I want to know if I can get drunk now!


My money is on Taipei also being cancelled


Too late… :smiley:


This thing looks like it has 4 eyes at the moment.


I wonder what the logic is for such a long wait. “OK, if we’re going to have a working day tomorrow, we’re going to make sure everyone’s tired from staying up too late to see whether or not there’s a working day.”


Apparently both mad_masala and IulusGrun are way ahead of you …


@IulusGrun much more ahead.

In my case I drank a bit before having dinner… so it had double the effect.


New Taipei City cancelled tomorrow


Taipei city = 10pm




If someone lives in New Taipei City (holiday), and their office is in Taipei City, and if Taipei city does not have holiday …

Would these people have to go to work?


new taipei city’s odd donut shape works against it for these types of situations. the south eastern parts aren’t going to get hit much at all, while the northern parts like tamsui are. plus if taipei goes in the other direction, it really won’t make sense.


Where can I find out if Yilan is cancelled tomorrow?


The answer is yes, but NTC and Taipei usually go the same way.