Typhoons 2018


It’s cancelled



All right, I know it’s Hsinchu but we have wind now. Nonstop. Not terribly high yet, but constant. It has begun here.


haha, 25 clicks on that link in 10 minutes!


Taichung City
Work and Classes as Usual Today.
Work and Classes as Usual Tomorrow.

This displeases my ass greatly :sob:


taichung very rarely gets a freebie


Miaoli is off, Hsinchu is off and Taoyuan


well thats good… cos i’m well past it already


God damn it Taipei, I’m 5 craft beers in


Good news and good night.


They asked if I wanted to be on their email notifications when I applied for my child’s US passport. I dont see an option on their site. Weird.



Answer is NO, if you live somewhere that has been called off or you have to travel through somewhere that has been called off, you don’t have to go to work…


Where can we check this?


I’m just pressing refresh, someone will post as soon as it’s announced


Wow, looks like Taipei is open for business.
Pretty rare for the city and county to go different ways


Are you sure? D:




Yup. Confirmed. Taipei City work tomorrow. No day off.


What if you live in New Taipei City


Fixed it for you :laughing: