Typhoons 2018


How can Taipei not be off when xinbei and taoyuan is


If you reside in a city that has the day off, but work in a city that does not have the day off, you don’t have to go in.


If the place you live, or the place you work had called off, you don’t need to go.


That’s interesting, does anyone have the link to the law or information that confirms that?


It seems to me that companies might pretend not to know about that rule… anywhere where that’s stated clearly?


F that S!



Praise the wind


Praise the wind, but not the Taipei Government

I have a feeling my boss will just deduct my pay if I choose not to go in despite living in New Taipei


Just corroborating the above with what I heard on the news:

New Taipei City: Day off
Taipei: Work as usual


What about public transport? Will buses / mrt run in new taipei?


Are they different?

Work and class until 4 pm in both places

Taipei City
Work and Classes Cancelled From 4:00 p.m…
Work and Classes as Usual Tomorrow. (until 4 pm)

New Taipei City
Work and Classes Cancelled From 4:00 p.m…
Work and Classes Cancelled Tomorrow. (only in those schools that will close earlier 12.00 pm)
New Taipei Municipal PingXi Junior High School:Work as Usual but Classes Cancelled From 12:00 p.m…


In fact, it is legal for the company to deduct your payment for the day. It is not legal, however, to deduct your attendence bonus nor to force you to take the day off.
Most of companies follow the same way. If they usually don’t deduct the typhoon day, they won’t even if where you live is a different city than the one where company is located.
And if they deduct it, they’ll do it anyway. (Which is my case… :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:)


I’m aware of that. However, if the company pays by default, it wouldn’t be a nice gesture if they didn’t pay you this time…


Well, nice and legal are two different things…
(Even tho it’s the same word in Portuguese :stuck_out_tongue:)


My company’s told everyone to work from home but I can’t because I can’t access my work pc from home. Plus they won’t trust me with the keys . :roll_eyes:


Think about work and write something on a piece of paper, problem solved.


What site are you getting that from? Use the official site, [https://www.dgpa.gov.tw/typh/daily/ndse.html]


Wind picking up steadily. Had to close the windows in the living room a minute ago. Two minutes ago something was smashed in the street down below. Some glass shattered.


I was wondering if there’s any chance that Taipei city gov will change their mind and cancel work tomorrow depending on what happens tonight?