Typhoons 2018


WHOA it’s my cake day! Typhoon day + Forumosa cake day = some kind of cosmic significance?!


Me on my ride into work this morning:


You don’t look anything like I pictured you. Nice ride though.


I’m on a Guangyang 125, considered by many to be the 250GTO of Taiwan.

Tbh my commute comprised a whole load of highly illegal maneuvers. Cops are more forgiving during “typhoons”.


Ha. It’s turning into a fairly nice day in Danshui - no wind, and now with thinning cloud.


Two people in my office, no one in the building. Where are all the people?


Works for me!


Came in to work anyway. I had to call the US this morning so I had already started my day. And I didn’t want to get behind with some things. I think I’ll come into work late tomorrow after a ride up the mountain to make myself feel better.


Chub your boss’ phone :+1:


Might be a bad idea. I’ve just been sent a nasty email saying I’m jeopardizing the company’s operations by refusing to work from home.


Is that an invitation to work from home on a regular basis?


No, wherein lies the rub. My contract states the opposite; in a typhoon if files are due that day they pay for a taxi to the office. I already told them, if they give me the option to work from home I’m going to use it. i.e. tomorrow’s world cup semi final would be the perfect opportunity to work from home with a raging hangover.


I don’t get it. So what’s the problem with you going to the office today?


The boss declared a typhoon holiday but also ordered everyone to work from home i.e. the office isn’t open. For which they will be rewarded with an extra day of leave. I on the other hand would have been forced to take a day’s leave of absence and been docked a day’s pay.

Fortunately one other person was unable to connect to their PC and she has a key so we could get into the office. They won’t give me a key.


So basically they didn’t even want you to work today, they wanted to take time unpaid leave today although other people would get that extra day working from home. Other people would get a “work from home today, take a day off when it’s sunny” deal. Nice.

For some reason I understood you they wanted you to work from home today.


They thought they were punishing me with the leave of absence threat but then they realized I have files to deliver today and that they needed me to work.

IDK even I’m confused. The thing is in the event of a real typhoon we don’t have to deliver, it’s an act of god. How do we deliver if the power is out?


You make them look bad by going into the office today, that’s all that’s probably going on here !


The wind in Hsinchu just kinda died out about 3:30am or so. Musta been around the time Maria sprinted north.

At least now there’s a nice breeze and the temperatures are cooler. Somebody is even running one of those rotor-head water sprinklers outside.


Sooo time is running out for me and I wanted to go to Yilan County and river trace to 月眉坑瀑布, how swollen is the river likely? Too dangerous for Saturday?
Anyone want to go so middle-aged snake-bit white woman doesn’t become fodder for K-man?


Any tracing post-typhoon is dodgy as you know. The increased water volumes add three to the danger knob. But if you wear a helmet and know what you’re doing it could be OK. Head-thunking is more of a risk than drowning.