Typhoons 2018



I have it at home <3


3 potential spots to watch as per the news.


Yes, two in the open pacific and one between the Philippines and Vietnam. PINCHER MOVE OF DOOM???

Probably not, but one can only hope.


I think that most are PT jobs and are kids from the neighborhood, store manager and assistant are mostly the only FT employees. And the 7-11, Family have franchisees, they own the place.


It was like a fire cracker that went without a ‘bang’!


It was eerie coming home yesterday. The streets were empty and 7pm felt like 11pm. Only the obligatory 711 and Family Mart were open, almost all shops and medical offices in the hood were closed. Less people out than the night before. I tell you, thyey took the typhoon leave seriously.


All this arguing about whether or not nearby cities should declare the same Typhoon day schedule to make it easier on the citizens. If there’s a need to do so, just take the responsibility away from individual city mayors.

Either create a State government like how the Japanese did it, and have the State government declare typhoon day, or move the decision to the central government, say the Executive Yuan, which makes the Typhoon day announcements now anyway.

If as Mayor Ko said, now typhoon day decision is nothing more than an SOP based on the forecast made prior to 10PM the day before, let it be just that. Why would we need so much fuss over this?

Everyone should be able to log onto CWB, and see the forecast themselves and then go to bed knowing a typhoon day would be announced or not based on the 10PM forecast.


NTC’s decision influenced by upcoming election?


The movie theatres were full. And lots of people at the Celine Dion concert too…


I mean out in teh street in Xindian, New Taipei city. Movie theaters and so are in Taipei.

As a matter of fact, there was a petition online not to go to movie theaters, as not to upset or stir the envy of Taipei citizens who were working.


Everything here is politics…

The thing is that in areas of New Taipei, the wind speed did reach the limit for work/class cancellation. That was not the case in Taipei City. And I truly do not know about Keelung.


Yeah, too dangerous to go to work, not at all to go strolling around in department stores or go to the movie.

What? They didn’t cancel the Dion concert? Irresponsible!


92W so far doesn’t seem very threatening. Most models see very moderate intensity, no typhoon status, and most of them point towards the Philippines or Vietnam.

Still worth keeping an eye on it, it may bring some relatively bad weather to the south.


There was something on the news about an expert warning that with the typhoon season heating up, we could expect a typhoon a week.


One typhoon a week for Taiwan -> not going to happen

One typhoon a week for the whole pacific -> not going to happen

One invest or tropical depression a week -> more than likely




They are practically screaming it out as a given:




Is the wind we’ve been seeing lately related? Really windy at the top of Xiding Road (about 400m elevation). The wind is definitely coming from the right direction because the AQI has been amazing lately with many more good days forecast.


In the article they mention “tropical disturbances”, and something like that once a week is not shocking at all. No way there will be one typhoon a week, I’m not that lucky.

@marasan : it’s the interaction between Maria’s leftover and the new stuff forming in the Pacific. Even in Yilan we’ve had a lot more wind than usual in the last couple of days.


And the skies are still fiercely blue.