Typhoons 2018


Oh rats plum rains, yes, forgot about them.

US forecats is 14 hurricanes this season, wonder what is the typhoon number.

Allegedly with La Nina we will have even less than last year.


Yeah, I’m seeing some bad numbers down there. Read about it in the news today. I guess it was bad yesterday too. Don’t know what’s causing it.


Weird mix range of numbers, based at least on aqicn:


Drove through the 192 area this afternoon around 3 p.m. Looks like a sandstorm blowing off of the huge river beds. It was coming from the ground.


Reporting of Invest 97W just because it has been going on for days and every time it appears close to dissipation it rises back like a Spinning Phoenix of Destiny.


Go you good things!


@IbisWtf revive this thread we shall! Let thy typhoon season begin!

Does this explain the dip to high of 26-27 this weekend?


Isn’t that too close to Dragon Boat? There goes the holiday.


Come for the holiday.
Stay for the free Ed Grimley makeover


It’s true there’s potential for a couple of typhoons forming in the next week or so, but current forecast doesn’t indicate anything coming to Taiwan. One is expected to go to South China far far west/south west from Taiwan, while the other one should just spin around in the middle of the ocean.

I somehow object to the “DOUBLE PINCHER MOVE OF DOOM” headline.

But there’s still hope for us, privates! Both typhoons might change their mind and come visit us!

Ps: IF they even become typhoons, forecast is unclear


I think you may have a promising career in meteorology ahead of you.


For my charisma, my knowledge or my reliance on the fact that some weather events cannot be forecast in a reliable way so anything I say is badically a 50/50?


be careful about your answer…


Actually, it’s your cheap suit and bad hair…oh, and the fact that you convey your inability to predict the weather in an entertaining, folksy manner. What more could a TV network ask for?



I paid 399nt for my sport jacket…it even has a hood…feelsbadman.


As long as it keeps the rain off of you…if it does rain, that is…which you have no idea if it will or won’t.




In a Taiwanese summer, everybody gets burned.


It’s not a rain jacket, it’s a…uhm…a light sweatshirt made of that material that gets dry almost immediately, and it has a hood for the sun. It’s neat!

Well, for Yilan I’m afraid that’s just a rhetorical question. I’ve been to Taipei a few times during the last couple of weeks and very often on my way back there was some drizzle fo jizzle in Jiaoxi.

Not a lot of rain, though, this year we basically skipped the Plum rain thingy. If we get a couple of early typhoons then water levels shouldn’t be an issue, but even in Yilan I’ve seen some irrigation channels being closed every now and then.


Excellent! You’ve displayed the ability to dazzle the audience with colorful patter while not really providing any solid information. You’ve got the job!


a couple of early days off work