Typhoons 2018


It’s been more than a week since Maria -> no typhoon



I’m pretty sure @Gain would disagree with you


Regarding my newly acquired knowledge of dutch ovens, or regarding the invest/tropical depression thingies ?_?


That statement is self-evidently true.


I love it when a post makes its own gravy


Don’t believe everything you read.
That ain’t a Dutch Oven where I come from




Eh two typhoon/tropical depresssions formed in the vicinity this week.


That happens every year during this period, it’s perfectly on average. An “”“expert”"" talking about a typhoon per week is just doing some clickbaiting in real life.

If an “”“expert”""'s opinion is proven wrong by a random dude on a forum whose nickname is IbisWTF and who set his camera’s wifi name as TURDZILLA, then we may have a problem with so called “”“experts”"".


Needs more stars and stuff on those expert quotes.

Nevertheless, I am keeping an eye on news of extreme weather. Normal aside, the higher the temperatures, teh higher the possibility of s really nasty strong typhoon… more frequently. hence, caution advised.


looking pretty far


likely to be another ‘meh’.



Okinawa is receiving too many blessings this year.


Well, at least the coral won’t bleach so much.


92% humidity and blue skies. Don’t think I’ve ever seen that before. Some kind of tax dodge?


Ampil (that’s the name) is such a mess, lol


This one is brewing into something special.


News were saying we have two typhoons in the vicinity.


Let’s have a typhoon death match.


One is past. One is yet to come.
I’m not talking about Maria.