Typhoons 2018


“”“Experts”"" ?


The official phrase is so-called @#“experts”#$%


“Anonymous experts familiar with the matter”, I see.

Ampil may grow to be a typhoon, but it’s more likely to stay within tropical storm limits.

There’s one invest near Guam, but it’s basically an embryo.


Whatever happened to that Wrncen thing? Would have loved to hear the news weather(wo)men struggle with the pronunciation.


No relevant news: Ampil upgraded to severe tropical storm but seems to be set to ignore us, some invests forming in the middle of nowhere and that’s it.


Might get a bit of rain over the weekend. Might.


I don’t want.


But Sunday is not looking so bad now. I hope the rain on Saturday drives the crowds away at the outdoor pool where I’ll be (and I hope the lightning stays away!).


meh, no happening gifs this time



Hello tropical depression 98W, nice to meet you!


not expected to be very strong, but possibly some good amounts of rain


Already got all-day mahjong plans for tomorrow. Ain’t gonna rain on my parade!


Very windy today, the tropical depression brought some fresh air here.

Ampil is going to rek Shanghai a bit today and tomorrow.

Nothing relevant building up in the ocean, just some stuff that may go to Japan.


Wait until my depression is fully developed, never seen anything like it!


As a non-native english speaker, i’m always thinking of something like this:


Spare a thought for everyone going to Fuji Rock Festival this weekend. Typhoon set to hit bang on Saturday night.


Based on the wunderground forecast, it seems that Jongdari—referenced above by the_bear—wants to attend the Festival too:



Japan getting the double-trouble treatment in the coming days.

Jondari has very good chances of growing into a typhoon. Wukong…ehhh…not so much.


These (possible) typhoons sound like they could be monsters in the Godzilla universe alongside Mothra and Gamera.