Typhoons 2018


That’s my go to source as well. Suggest saving the link to your smartphone home screen. Apparently, however, the TV stations report the cancellations sooner than the website. It happened last time on 7/10 to 11. I was on standby coming back from Penghu (see, I guess I shouldn’t type 澎湖), and the airlines were waiting for official notice (7/10). Finally got back (long story) and wanted to sleep as I was going to conduct two school visits the next day. It was nearly 10 pm before the website reported that Miaoli (I would otherwise type 苗栗, but know better now) would cancel classes. Had to rearrange my schedule for school visits (easily done, since no cancellations in the South). In the end, there was no wind or rain anywhere in Taiwan that day. Anyways, I stayed up late to await the reporting of any cancellations from that country, but it was reported in TV at least 30 min earlier. So keep the local TV on if you want the quickest news (eg., you could have a party time instead of prepping classes).


We are moving to Taiwan on Saturday – 8/25. Hmmm… I wonder if flights will be cancelled. Flying into Kaohsiung.


If so, the airline will let you know.


Fly into Taoyuan if you can and take the HSR (bullet train) to Kaohsiung. It’s like $50usd for a one way and gets you there fast.


Eh bullet train has been suspended due to fast winds and heavy flooding.

As said, the airline will tell you. The problem is that they like to land, typhoon winds my foot. You will make it, your dinner won´t. So eat lightly, take a change of clothes and stack on barf bags. And yes, I am serious.

Welcome to the Island, BTW.




Really shocking damage in Japan Kansai area due to the typhoon. They have been badly hit this year.


I was just there 3 weeks ago, and this one is one of the worst they’ve had in last 25 years. The airport had it the worst as people are stranded without transportation as the bridge is shut down,(a tanker got loose and drifted into the only bridge that connects the airport to the land.)and choppy waters won’t allow any boats to get across the bay.


Indeed. I am watching NHK and I am thinking, from my experience travelling in Osaka, that the Friggin Kansai airport is an island and the runways are several centimeters like knee high in water, plus that bit the bridge that connects it to landmass was hit by a Friggin tanker and it really doesn’t matter because the elevated highways collapsed. So the people at the airport are officially… stranded.

And if they make it to the city, there is no power, lots of buildings ripped by an invisible Godzilla, water overpowering an underground evacuation system as big as Tokyo’s… I’d be scared silly.

BTW, wind speed and rain amount is a cause to worry all the way to Tokyo up to Tohoku… For now over 160 mm, as per NHK.


9 to 10 dead, hundreds hurt.



Cars and buildings against the wind:


I just left Osaka on Monday. Made it out just in time.


My goodness! I’m glad you got out. The situation in KIX looked awful.



Some big ass typhoon is cruisin’ towards us. Probably a top-10 one. MrMBB333 video:

If (if!) the predicted track is followed it reaches Taiwan in about a week, say 16 September. However we see lots of typhoons bend off towards Japan. Let’s hope it does bend off.


Whatever happened to IbisWTF? I always enjoyed his typhoon status updates


Yikes. My flight back from Busan is on the 16th…


Just don’t.


Shit looks like Kaohsiung will get hit hard. :flushed:


It’s still a week away. We really have no idea about its exact path yet.

Still I would not be planning any travel next weekend. And if the storm indeed hits Taiwan, stay away from mountain and coastal areas if you can.



Predicted as the biggest of the year. I predict it will ruin the holidays.