Typhoons 2018


Based on previous typhoon tracks, I think, we can be sure about the trajectory at most 3 days in advance. So I would’t start worrying right now :slight_smile:


He’s abroad somewhere, probably home visiting.


Maybe he knows something we don’t. :neutral_face:


He’s not planning to fly in on Sunday 16th. Now you know too.

Looks like Okinawa dodged this one, as all others this year. Only a couple of days ago it was looking like we’d finally get a decent bit of wind., but predictions changed. Sorry Taiwan…

but there’s still time for things to shift a bit, of course.


Please no, I have to fly in and out of Taiwan twice this week. Still I only worry with two days to go usually.


Yeah, I’ve got a flight out of TPE on Monday the 17th, returning Thursday night the 20th. Sigh.


The 20th is my birthday. Looks like I might be having a typhoon party.


It’s got a nice name anyway, mangosteen in Thai


Most people fly out to never return.


I hope it will rain on ‘Moon festival’, NO BBQ stench!


Supposed to be flying to Shanghai on the afternoon of the 16th, think I might be postponing this one!


We always get a typhoon for any holiday… Or weekend.

Worst part is that according to the news, there will be rain all week. So when the real heavy rain and wind comes, the soil will be saturated. Oh boy. Nari Nari.


Got a thunderstorm warning on mobile, half hour ago.


That would be a good post for the weather thread.


Monday 17th typhoon day come on spinny windy god please bless us.


A Monday typhoon day would be so sexy


Eh can you pray for a new job for me? It seems your prayers are answered plentiful. We got two typhoons coming our way.


I don’t think you can complain!


You need to introduce me to the job god first.


Darling, how many times i have to explain to you: the age of the 18% is gone, the forigners do not have the same rights as the other gummit workers and there is no horse sadle that doesn´t give you pain.

For pete´s sake start saving for retirement and stop waiting for divine gummit providence to pay you a retirement. We are not in 1962.