Typhoons 2018


I wasn’t talking about me, but about you! Despite all those things you said I don’t think your job compares badly to regular jobs out there.


Then join me and Zapman to burn some offerings to the job god!


Why always so dramatic?


Because the typhoons always come on holidays and weekends.

And I am Latina. We always go 11.


I can stop them with my "Godly’ powers! Do I need to?


What does that mean? Go bat shit?



Just passionate.



Typhoon Mangkhut expected to be closest to Taiwan by weekend

Typhoon Mangkhut predicted to be closest to Taiwan by Sept. 15 or 16


The eye is passing well below Taiwan (as per windy.com)


The eye doesn’t do the damage though. Windy’s forecast will still fuck over KHH.


Keep safe, my Southern friends. Don’t forget to take plants and furniture inside.


Just posting this multi-agency forecast link again: http://www.typhoon2000.ph/multi/?name=MANGKHUT


nobody go to Hong Kong or Macau next weekend, OK?


Looks like it will just ruin the weekend and be gone by Monday.


Windy makes it look like Taiwan weather will be nice.


You mean this weekend. I am going next weekend :).


from Monday/Tuesday, it can still be called next weekend. i.e., the next weekend that occurs after this day…

In some places that’s considered standard English. In other places, they’re accepting of either form. In yet others, there be pedants.


Ugh, of course. Even the typhoon doesn’t want us to get a day off.


It looks like Mangkut is projected to head slightly farther south by this weekend. Is rain in Taipei still a given? The rain forecast seems to suggest this.