Typhoons 2018


I just checked 5 minutes ago CWB, yeah, theoretically it’s passing by the South but didn’t check about rain… but it CAN NOT rain, I repeat it, IT CAN NOT RAIN this weekend because I have great things to do this weekend.


I’m in HK til Saturday
I fly back Saturday… Looks like not…

That’s okay, gives me an excuse to take a few more days off. Sorry boss can’t come in Monday…


There are two typhoons in the vicinity and a low pressure front… all forecasts say rain.

If I were you, I´d take a rain check - pun intended.


Now we’ve got things easing a bit by 5 pm Saturday, then cloudy on Sunday. Hmmm. I also want no rain this weekend.


What’s the outlook for Kaohsiung?


You be getting the NE quadrant smack in the head, sir


Oh joy.


Sunday’s looking good for Taipei.


From our favorite Mr. K:

Not from Mr. K and Co.:


The pathway is projected to go even farther south, I see.


I’m in Hong Kong this weekend and scheduled to fly back to Taichung Saturday evening.
Looks like the typhoon won’t hit HK until Sunday so I think flying out won’t be any issue.

But then the typhoon would be closer to Taiwan on Saturday so I’m wondering about the flying in part. Anyone have a hypothesis?


Unlikely your pilot will elect to fly over the typhoon, and will go around instead. If I were you I’d contact the airline and ask how they see it playing out.

Questions I’d ask. Will the departure time change? I’d be curious to know under what circumstances they’d cancel the flight altogether. Will the arrival time be changed? Obviously you’ll want an idea about what time you’ll get home.


I’m using a LCC and been getting a busy signal for two days. I emailed them and they said to call in. Guess you get what you pay for.

I’ll just keep my eye on the airport website to see if the flight is on or not. Worst case I just tell my boss I’m stuck here.


I´d be making extended lodging arrangements for HK or plan an earlier departure. It is a big typhoon and will probably be quite disruptive. After pummeling Filipinas it will still carry a punch to HK.


Isn’t “it” supposed to be a Typhoon? Never mind…


I like the way your mind works…


I’ve made another night reservation for Saturday… didn’t book sunday yet since I don’t want to lose too much money if it doesn’t pan out.
Conversely if there is a foon hotels will probably start gouging on last minute reservations


id avoid flying when a storm is projected to be in your path or at the destination or departure point.


The monster typhoon is going to hit 16 provinces in Filipinas. Expect devastation. Guam is screaming for help, damage beyond its capabilities. Filipinas is going to have heavy casualties and will need lots of help. Storm surge already getting water levels to flooding cities.

Taiwan’s East coast is going to be grazed but still get a dangerous amount of rain. Do not approach beaches or mountain rivers.

The typhoon is then expected to go on and hit HK, Guangzhou and Vietnam.


Cwb seems to show it veering away from HK. But the locals say that all day the news keeps saying it’s coming.