Typhoons 2018


It is way too big not to cause trouble. Keep watching as the paths tend to change.


Blue sky Taipei today.


Not a cloud in the sky. Awesome pre typhoon weather.


Loving this weather.


I’m flying into Taipei from Seoul on Saturday morning. My flight isn’t going to get cancelled, is it?


you’ll be fine, unless your pilot accidentally sets the plane’s autopilot for HK.


Today Taipei has the same pollution numbers as Hualian or Taidong. Noice.


Getting windy out there in Taipei.


Clouds rolling in and a quick shower just passed us by.

Yep, clouds getting thicker but still moving at a rather quick pace.


Yeah, I was hoping the rain would wait a bit and I could go for a nice sunset ride. But there are too many sudden showers sweeping past.


On one side of the building we can see blue skies and sunshine. The windows on the opposite side face a grey mass of doom.


I’ve got a much better view, twisted 90 degrees I suppose. Half the window is gray clouds of doom and rain, the other half brilliant blue skies, and a bright rainbow joining the two.


That’s FEMA’s problem isn’t it?


So how’s the weather looking tomorrow?


60% rain


40% air?

That’s too much water!


So this is yet another one that looked scary, but turned out to be nothing but a wet fart, eh?

(Maybe not for HK, but who cares about them?)


I can think of about 700 different possible scenarios in which you’d be calling out to the spirits of your ancestors for the blessed relief of a wet fart.


… Okay.


Not for Filipinas.